Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sparky Tomashefsky Visits!

Another shorter than usual blog this week with the exception of many photos from Sparky Tomashefsky's visit to her grandma Snap's house!! It was awesome to get away and meet little Sparky - she's even cuter in person!  Just simply adorable.  The foreman was able to bop in for a quick visit, too.

Aside from that we are mainly home, holding down the fort and being with Julie as she does what she calls "drifting down the stream"...the foreman has been doing some projects around the house, including a beautiful  tile job on the balcony...using some leftover tiles from Julie's house in Santa Cruz, which means we will always be reminded of her when we see them in the years to come!

Just a few critter cam videos this week.  I had forgotten to put the cameras up for a couple of days (unheard of, but I have been distracted!).

LOVE this little dog!!!

As usual, Snap outdid herself with an amazing lunch spread of healthy and tasty food.
Snap's backyard was perfect for Sparky!
Proud Patty.

So cute!

With her grandma!!

Proud Scott.

Jackson plays with Sparky.

Judy presents a gift to Sparky's "parents"!

And a gift from Kim!  This was like a puppy shower!

I just wanted to take her home with me.
The foreman meets Sparky.

And a few photos that Snap emailed me - I had to take a photo of the photos on my computer screen so they are a bit distorted - but still cute!

And two photos from Patty - Sparky in the car (safely in her crate)!

Super adorable young buck 

Fox goes after critter cam

Beautiful turkey.

The boys hang out.
Hay muncher!

The usual routine...

The foreman got some much-needed donkey affection one morning before work.

Evening jack rabbits.

Tail end of a binky!
 Dust bath time!

 The weekly pose goes on...no matter what!

 Hanging out in the living room late into the night.

 The foreman's tile job in progress...

 I like how the yellow floral tiles go with real flowers in the yard!