Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to Snap & Happy Mother's Day at the Lazy Vegan!!

Happy Birthday to Snap (a.k.a. my mom!)!!! 
 We had a lot of fun walking downtown to shop and went to dinner and then back for yummy dessert at her house! She scored at the stores, finding a great hat, dress and sandals (& then purse the next day!).  Below are photos of the event, along with just a few Lazy Vegan creature photos...AND an amazing Mother's Day theme critter cam videos this week!!  Having an issue connecting to youtube, so the videos of the week may look like they're displayed differently on this post...but you can always use the link on the right to go directly to them.  Also having trouble putting captions on photos for some reason...VERY frustrating...so the photos will have to speak for themselves!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SNAP!

            AND Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of the world!

                  Mother's Day Themed Critter Cam Videos!

Not part of the theme, but silly raccoons:

Mother's Day Breakfast!

More Mother's Day Fun!

Snap's Birthday!!

Visiting Julie

A few photos of my new canine niece, Sparky!!