Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beautiful Daytime Coyote Caught on Film and a Brief Posting of Other Lazy Vegan Things

Just a brief blog posting this week as we deal with more important family matters - full length blog to resume as soon as it is possible.  The critters are still out and about regardless of what is going on in our lives, though!  So quite a few videos this week, including a beautiful daytime coyote!  

Photo of the week taken by the foreman with his iPhone while touring a house...a baby possum!

And the video of the week- a beautiful daytime coyote!

Where one of the critter cams is placed...deep in the woods!
Fawn looks back for Mama
The crew (part of the crew) hanging out.

Possum's webbed hind feet!

More hanging out.  It is so wonderful to live with animals during emotional times - they are very healing just being who they naturally are!

Salad time!

The ever watchful rabbit.

Stretched out bunny.

Toby was going through a phase where he was following me around everywhere and I was afraid he was sick.  But then he started to hang out with Wasabi, instead!

Jack rabbit thinks it is hiding.
Spoiled bun relaxing!

Early in the week Wasabi had a vet appointment to get her nails done...never her favorite thing, but she took "Baby" along for support!

Turkey confronts camera!

Jack rabbit and turkey encounter!

 Paco comes to say hi while Weegie grazes.
 The weekly pose.
 Amazing blooming cactus - they are all over the property!
 I always admire the blue windows of the "hay cabin" when I go to get the boys' flake of hay.
 Afternoon siesta.

 When I went up to put one of the critter cams up one day I came across Mama Turkey with her babies...she was standing perfectly still and, amazingly, her babies were quiet...if you enlarge these photos you can just make out the babies (I took the pics with my zoom so as to not get too close).

Super close up of a skunk!