Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Leaning Sunflower, More Tree Trimming, Precious Fawns that You Just Want to Snuggle & More at the Lazy Vegan!

Cutest pair of fawns ever!

The weeks just all blend together now here at the Lazy Vegan...and since I am home all of the time (acquiring new nursing skills!) the days are also a blur!  Julie continues on down her path (I really don't know how else to put it: trail, journey, adventure, voyage...) and this week had a new aide just about every day while our favorite aide went on vacation.  I'm impressed with all the hospice workers and have learned some tricks of the trade from them!  In other news this week, Karina turned 28 (how is this possible...) and we had a fun time at my mom's house celebrating! It was a big thrill to get out in the evening for a change (doesn't take much to excite me these days!), and I even indulged in some SUGAR!
I just want to give these little darlings a hug.

 Hanging loose one warm evening.
 These photos never fail to crack me up.  The foreman and the rabbit at bedtime!

 The trio that always makes me smile.
 OMG, MORE tree trimming - hired out, thankfully.  This was a biggie job tackling some huge oaks!

 Silly Rabbit and Silly Dog!

 Saved from one of the oak trees...an intact (but uninhabited) beautiful nest!

 Julie's sunflower is starting to lean pretty dramatically...it is now carrying so much weight, and some of the flowers are starting to fade.

 The weekly pose...I call the one above "Nostrils"!

 And this one is "snout"!

 One of Paco's ways of communicating his annoyance at dinner being late.
 The Leaning Sunflower of Julie's!
 Cactus in bloom.
 Completely for a photo op only, and the foreman's idea:  my contribution to the latest tree trimming event was to pick up this very heavy log for three seconds for this photo!

Oh, Yummy Dandelion Greens!!
best viewed with sound!

 When things are stressful - and they have been - it is time for a little online retail therapy.  The foreman even encouraged it!  Above and below is a scarf (on sale; everything I purchased was on sale during this latest retail therapy binge) from Anthropologie!
 You can't go wrong with birds and flowers and fun flocked pink.

 A pretty wild necklace from Anthropologie, too!
 Vegan cowboy boots for the vegan cowgirl in me.
 Target has a new line of t-shirts and accessories that benefit hungry people in the United States and overseas...heck, retail therapy that benefits others is great!
 The rabbit rests.
I'm still not sure why the foreman picked this time - of all times - to take on the biggest tree trimming jobs ever...but perhaps that's HIS way of dealing with stress!

Two Mama & Fawn videos

Perfect turkey feather.

With my silly Bravo!

Yep, that's a tail end of a binky!

Claire saying hi to part of the crew!

I just can't get enough photos of my little Sparky (who lives with my sister, but could certainly move in with us!).
The recently trimmed pine one evening...am slowly adjusting.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KARINA!  We had a blast at Snap's!

I even wore my recent retail therapy Anthropologie necklace for this event!

Fun opening gifts...

We were short one party mask, so I made the one I'm wearing out of a paper plate!

Dweeb central!

I think fake eyeglasses/masks are so much fun!

Give me more of that vegan ice cream!!  Coconut Bliss is the BEST.

Another day, another outing (woo hoo!)...went with Snap to, of all places, a cemetery where she had to look up a grave for her volunteer job with www.findagrave.com!  Yep.  We KNOW how to have a good time!
The foreman showing off his photo wall to Snap before we headed out.
The name of the grave we were looking for...an old one!
I think we look rather...well, ghostly!
Naturally we were the only ones there.  We tried to be on our best behavior but dissolved in laughter a few times...esp. when Snap just about tripped over the grave we were looking for as I had given up and was heading back home!  And then there was the grave decorated in astro turf...

Viola!  The one we were looking for.
Snap then documents it (by taking a photo) and puts the photo online.  Hard work, but somebody has to do it!  Who ya gonna call?  SNAP BUSTERS!

I'm starting to really look forward to Fridays (and everyone has to have something to look forward to!) when Snap brings by her home cooked meal and goodies!
Yummy couscous with papaya and cucumbers...
"Surprise" - vegan scones!  OMG, so good.  But when I left mine unattended for two seconds, Bravo jumped up and scarfed most of it down...true to JRT form.
Only a mom would wipe out the price and write in FREE at the bottom - because she knows I fret about how much money she's been spending on our goodies!
Nothing beats her home made applesauce!

We had a brief visit from some clients/friends with their adorable kids!

Julie's Poem of the Week:

With rue my heart is laden
  For golden friends I had,
For many a rose-lipt maiden
  And many a lightfoot lad.

By brooks too broad for leaping
  The lightfoot boys are laid;
The rose-lipt girls are sleeping
  In fields where roses fade.

A.E. Housman (1859-1936)