Saturday, August 10, 2013

Impossible to Think that Another Week has Passed and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Julie's sunflower at night.

My sense of time seems to be so altered lately - I am truly amazed that another week has come and gone!  It just doesn't seem possible. We had a good week with an extra, unexpected visit from our favorite hospice aide.  Won't name names for privacy reasons, but she's flat out an angel and Julie's face lights up when she enters her room.  She's just one of those people who pours her heart into her work (and what better work than nursing to do that in!!).  It has been a gift to get to know her, and she's taught us a lot of tips regarding Julie's care.  Julie, as this angel aide says, has entered a "new chapter" in her journey.  Things now feel differently, and I have to say that I am starting to feel the honor of having been able to provide this space for Julie to transition to her next life.  It hasn't been easy, but she's so incredibly appreciative and now that we're appearing to be headed for the home stretch I can see how very valuable our time with her has been, and I'm very glad that we were in a position to be able to care for her for so long.  No more poetry being recited lately, but there really is no need for words.

Yep, that's the foreman - he'd just used the bed of the truck to balance a ladder in to cut some limbs that were in the way of the swing - and then, of course, he had to test out the swing!
Kissing booth!!
Four Fox Videos!

My old Toby.  Had two very unfortunate and freaky incidents of Bravo attacking him this past week.  Toby will "groom" Bravo and then when Bravo gets tired of the attention he growls, but Toby can't hear him...hence provoking an attack.  I need to get Toby into the vet soon for some care.
Claire and Bravo!
And with Toby and Wasabi.

Kisses for foreman.
BINKY time!!
Just charging from one room to another.
Stopping to pet the rabbit.
Cute Toby will sometimes wander around with his little flannel blanket on!
Herbs and veggies straight from the garden!

The weekly pose!  Plus, Paco got a good grooming with the steel brush.
Two cute fawn/mama videos

My ridiculous trio.

The farrier visited this week and the boys got a little outing with the foreman beforehand.

Plus some extra brushing and grooming to look good for the farrier!

Our Friday night magic meal person...a.k.a. Snap!  Bringing that wonderful Israeli couscous and papaya dish that she whipped up...along with roasted almonds and other goodies!
Always time to stop and say hi to the bunny.

Wasabi likes to give "kisses" to our pillows before bed.

Snuggling down.
Her new Hopper Hideaway works perfectly under the table in the kitchen!

Cuddling with old Toby.
Sparky!  Check out her blog for some really cute updates!
Julie loves to watch her sunset every night.  One night was particularly beautiful.
Grooming possum

That camera-loving possum AGAIN

The careful transportation of the rabbit from upstairs to downstairs!
Busy, busy.

Exhausted from being busy!
The three beggars (I had a snack they were after).

Coyote in the distance

The donkeys play every night - I just haven't been able to capture it on film lately.

Biggest ears!