Saturday, August 3, 2013

Julie's Sunflower Takes a Bow, A New Hopper Hideaway for the Rabbit & Happy Birthday to the Foreman at the Lazy Vegan!

Yet another week has come and gone with more of this and that at the Lazy Vegan...Julie's sunflower is starting to "take a bow" - leaning so dramatically one way as if to say "show is over!".  Julie caught sight of it from her elevated hospital bed one day and said "that sunflower has HAD IT!"  which I thought was pretty funny!  I still think that sunflowers are beautiful even as they start to die.  In other news, the foreman had a birthday this week (yep, the foreman is now a year older - although one would never guess given his endless supply of energy!) and we had a low key celebration - meaning we did absolutely nothing at all!  I'm planning on surprising him with a more party-like event after we are done with our current hospice situation.  In critter cam news this week, the possum (or perhaps more than one) has been a bit of a nuisance because he/she "attacks" the cameras and managed to knock them part way from the tree, which means that for most of the week I got videos of the tree tops instead of potential animals waltzing by!  I love the possums, but this has got to stop! Lastly, the adored rabbit got a new shelter/toy in honor of the foreman's birthday - her very own "hopper hideaway"!  I'm embarrassed to admit I had to email the company for instructions on how to assemble the thing - it was a tad complicated.  And, a first since we've embarked on this journey with Julie:  no poem this week - not even a hint of one (although she's still chatty as ever).
The sunflower takes a bow.
Fawn Walks By

Birthday morning!  The foreman is greeted by his rabbit and, by golly, a birthday banner!

Gifts! Cards!  Thanks again to all the generous relatives for their terrific presents!

What every birthday boy - regardless of age - secretly wants:  his very own bungee jumping toy!

Come on!  Does it get any more fun than this??

Showing off his new Territory Ahead birthday shirt.

Saving a big cake for another day...two vegan cupcakes and some sorbet!

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me...when I'm sixty-four..."
Birthday party hat time!  Our favorite nurse even donned one while she gave Julie a sponge bath!
The rabbit stayed up late with the birthday boy as he savored his last hour of the day.

 Our Friday Food Service - a.k.a. SNAP!  Thanks again for a wonderful vegan meal and goodies!

Lounging donks!

One of the three critter cams on my "home made" branch tripod...this is the one that the possum easily knocked over, so I will have to take precautions next time.
Early morning crow.
Fawn resting time.

The Return of the Overly Hyper Squirrel!

The hopper hideaway!  Woo hoo!

Everyone loves it.

Bravo's pretty sure that he did something wrong...just is hoping nobody discovers it.

This is bittersweet:  all of the goats have been moved to another location until grape harvest is over.  They'll return some time in the late Fall.  I will really miss seeing them on my morning walks, but won't miss fretting and worrying about them and having to call the absent shepherd when one of them is stuck in a fence or is out of water or whatever.  The shepherd and I have a pretty good relationship now and he appreciates my texts that alert him to the well-being of his crew - but I still wish he lived on the premises so he could keep a closer eye on them.
Will especially miss this one and his brother, the black and white goat...faithful blog readers may recall that the foreman actually named this pair "Poncho" and "Sancho" many months ago.  The shepherd knows that I'm on the rescue list if they're ever to be sent to slaughter - he will call me first!

Bravo just can't help his wide-eyed expressions!
 In case one wondered what donkey-urine-soaked pine shavings looked like, here's a photo taken while mucking out the barn!
Sweet, shy Luigi!

The weekly pose!  Our coloring rather matches!
A quail family.

Pensive rabbit.
Playful rabbit!
My favorite photo of Sparky this week!
The foreman cooks!  Fresh from the garden.
Part of the new hopper hideaway - a "kissing booth"!!

This was one time when I did not text the shepherd...I was secretly pleased that the goats had got out of their usual area and were helping themselves to some much-deserved extra hay!

Snow White and Rose Red
The adorable sisters!  Julie calls Karina and Claire  "Snow White and Rose Red".  I didn't realize until I looked it up that she was referring to an old fairy tale, and not the usual Snow White story...see link below:

Having fun with Bravo!

Goofing around.

Quail on the look out.
Lounging...and more lounging.

The foreman tries on his new pair of vegan work boots!

Four Possum Videos!!