Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celebrating Julie's Life, Sparky Meets Bravo & the Arrival of a Bunch of Boulders at the Lazy Vegan!

As usual, a lot went on this week at the Lazy Vegan.  On Sunday we had a very nice memorial dinner in honor of Julie.  It was great to get together and talk about her and our experiences with her during her last few days.  I find myself dreaming of her frequently - mostly dreams about taking care of her - those three intense months of hospice are starting to actually feel like a dream now!  The foreman sprinkled his mom's ashes around the garden area right in front of the bedroom Julie had lived in for the past nine months - it was part of her view and she would have approved of the idea (she had said she wanted her ashes to be spread on our property).  And we have the beautiful plaque up on our pine tree, and I love to walk by and reread the poem and think of her.  

As the week continued, we were on to other mundane and not so mundane tasks:  the foreman picked up literally 3 tons - actually, even more - of beautiful landscape boulders to line the area where the future pergola (construction starts next week!) and water feature will reside.  These are no wimpy rocks - they are HEAVY medium to large sized boulders and each one is really unique and beautiful.  But what a job to unload from the truck via wheelbarrow to cart downhill to the yard!  At least it is downhill!

Lastly, today was the big meeting of the Jack Russell terriers at Grandma Snap's house.  It went as well as could be expected with an energetic young pup (Sparky) and a classic old JRT (Bravo)...we never got to the point where they could both be off leash together, but it was a good start...and really fun to see everyone and have another delicious lunch at Grandma Snap's house!

The foreman reads by the bunny.

Gathering for Julie's memorial dinner.

Obviously I took a lot of photos of everyone at the table!

 Paul's new tattoo (not yet finished)...why yes, that IS a poker- playing platypus!

Sunflowers on the cake in honor of Julie and her special, magical sunflower that stayed with her all through hospice, right till the very end.

Claire cuts the cake!
I'm really happy that I got to know this exceptional woman better during her time with us.

The girls cooked dinner, which was fantastic!

Nick supervises!

After dinner, hanging in the living room to remember Julie.
Paul's ridiculously huge shoe and hip striped socks.

Paul gets down to Grandma Snap's height!
The donks are still SO enjoying their new area - they run and play a lot more now!
The arrival of the boulders...
Old dog sleeps.
Sweet Weegie!
The weekly pose, by golly!
Silly Weegie!
I have to identify these cute yellow breasted birds.
Fun in the new area.

Quality time with the donks.

The boulders...much, much heavier than they may appear!

Bunny catches some air!

More boulder work...

So adorable!
The next long batch of photos are from the big terrier meet-up!  When Sparky first arrived, it was apparent that we needed to take both of the dogs for a long walk!

The body language says a lot...
The foreman came by to get his Sparky fix!

It was all a bit more dramatic than the photos reveal.

Bravo loved hanging with Anth!

Bravo isn't quite sure what to do.  He did do a lot of growling when Sparky came too close.

A bunch of photos of the sisters with their JRTs!

Karina nabs Sparky.

I didn't get enough photos of Grandma Snap during this visit...she was too busy whipping up lunch!
Oh, what fun with the dog bed.

Airborne, again!
Karina visited and helped move boulders, too.

(shown above working on a puzzle in Bodega Bay!)

The Critter Cam Videos of the Week!