Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cleaning out Closets & Cabins, Bravo's Big Outing and the Donkeys have Such Great Fun with an Empty Sweet Grain Pan at the Lazy Vegan!

Am feeling quite productive here at the Lazy Vegan - cleaning out closets (my wardrobe has been downsized big time!) and cabins and donating lots of items to the thrift store that benefits the great hospice program that we used with Julie!  The foreman has been busy with inspired projects around the house - more on that on next week's blog post.  The big news this week is that, in anticipation of the long-awaited meeting of the Jack Russell terriers (that would be my sister's dog, Sparky, and Bravo!) coming up in a couple of weeks, we decided to give Bravo a trial run and he went on a big outing this morning...to Grandma Snap's house and to the metropolis of downtown Sebastopol!  For Bravo, this is huge...he never goes anywhere because, frankly, he's a pill to travel with.  It is amazing if we can get a mile down the road without him hyperventilating and/or throwing up.  No upchucking any doggie cookies this morning, thankfully, and he was quite the overwhelmed country pup in the city - very nervous around traffic!  Even though it was raining we walked him down to Taylor Maid coffee (he needed an espresso) and he did very well.  I'm hoping now to be able to take him more places!

Love salads - pretty to look at, tasty to eat!

 OMG!  Posing under one of the nifty signs at the Barlow!

 These photos got a bit out of order.  Within the first three or so minutes of Bravo's arrival at his grandma Snap's house, he:  1)  left a neat little - ahem - gift on the living room carpet; 2)  hopped up on the kitchen table (he's an opportunist, and that's usually where food can be found!
 Grandma Snap holding back the "tiger" while I examined some vegan shoes at the newly-opened Sole Desire in Sebastopol (note to Deb:  Sebastopol has a lot of new shopping opportunities now!  You need to move here!).
 Carefully, calmly eyeing my soy latte.
 Walking in the rain!
 Buckled in the car for the trip.
 Heading out of Grandma Snap's house.

 Waiting for Copperfield's Books to open!  (Note to Dad:  Bravo will help you pick out books the next time you're here!!).
 Almost at the Barlow!
 Immediately ran into one of my co-workers, who is a pup lover!

 Relaxing (or trying to) at the Barlow.

 Snap got a coupon for a free coffee drink since they accidentally gave her coffee to someone else!

 Bravo checks out the town square - this is usually packed when the farmer's market is in full swing.
 Bravo after a bite of a quinoa and banana vegan muffin!

We went back to Snap's the back way to avoid traffic.  Got some hill walking in!
OMG, more Barlow photos - this next grouping is when Snap and I went to the farmer's market last weekend, sans Bravo!

Snap's nifty grocery bag.
Lemon cukes!
Snap buys some kale!

Back at home, the usual trio up to not much at all...

Claire & Karina came over to cook dinner and to pick up misc. furniture that we gave them (woo hoo, finally cleaned out the cabins!) - and brought their men with them!  AND cooked dinner!  Fun, fun, fun.
The cooks and their men.

They made a fantastic Mexican meal.

Group posing!

Fun with Bones!  Bones Rousseau decided to move on - and went home with Nick and Karina!
Sitting around in the cabin.

The heavy lifters!

Love this!

And this!

This was really the last balmy night probably for the season.

The foreman put up this cool wall vase that had been collecting dust in one of the cabins!
Poor Wasabi...looking for fun!
It is RIDICULOUS how much fun the donkeys are having lately playing with their empty sweet grain pans!  They have two of them, and totally treat them like toys.  They don't get grain anymore - that was when they were wee donks.  I took tons of photos, so you can just consider this the "Empty Sweet Grain Pan Series".

The foreman...never without a project!  Here he gets the chimney and exterior of the house ready for the change of season.

Time to pose!

Bravo loves to sit in Julie's chair.  I loved to sit in it, too, and always commented on how much I liked it - so one day she told me it was mine!  And I happily accepted.
MORE fun with the pan!

The weekly pose!  Paco and I ARE starting to look alike...
The foreman works on a "window treatment" project...in progress!

Tomorrow we are having Julie's memorial/celebration of her life at our house.  The foreman did a great job putting her memorial plaque on our pine tree.  If you enlarge the photo below, you can read the poem.  We love that it is placed underneath some natural sap that "drops slowly" like one of the poem's lines.

 Am starting to scan the vast collection of old photos.  Above is Julie with her offspring - that's the foreman on the left!
Love this old picnic photo...tiny Julie with her back to the camera.
This is from the foreman's dad's side of the family...that's his dad, the hatless one on the far right.
First rain of the season always brings great big clouds!
Yes, MORE.

Dweeb Central!

Totally relaxed bun.

That adorable Sparky! (Hey, Sparks...tell your mama that your aunt needs more Sparky photos!)

The Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
Plus two cute donkey videos...