Saturday, September 7, 2013

Scheduling the Vet Appointments, Laboring on Labor Day and More in the First Week of September at the Lazy Vegan!

It has been a busy week at the Lazy Vegan, beginning with the Labor Day holiday when the foreman, true to form, labored away!  He completely redesigned the donkeys' corral (to make room for the upcoming pergola project), which included moving the heavy metal "dining shelter" and digging a new ditch for a complete new water line for the automatic waterer...this was actually even more work than it sounds like!  The donkeys lost a bit of space in the corral, but we'll be getting more fencing soon to expand their area elsewhere - and now everything near their barn is neat and tidy and close by.  An added bonus is that their water stays nice and cool since the sun doesn't hit it where the new position for the dining shelter is - and that makes me very happy (when the water gets warm it is not only not as refreshing to drink but it causes algae to grow and then I'm constantly cleaning it out).  Onward to the rest of the week - Toby went to the vet and the next day we got his blood lab results back with the not-good news that his liver enzyme levels are elevated - which usually indicates disease - so the vet wants to retest in two months.  I am not going to fret until we get the results of a new test - and even then I'm mindful that our little Toby is fifteen - so I certainly am not going to subject him to a bunch of testing or treatments if he does have something; I'll let him live out his life naturally (as Julie just recently did!).  The week ended with the donkeys getting their much-delayed vaccines.  We love our vet - he is great with the boys and so efficient - he was in and out of their corral in no time after administering two sets of shots per donk!  And he even had to put up with some bucking and jumping from Paco but still managed to get the needles into his neck with ease...simply amazing.  I didn't even have time to photograph the event it went so quickly!  Now the boys are good till November, when they'll be due for their rabies shots. Next in line for vet appointments are Bravo and Wasabi - fun, fun, fun!

Happy Birthday TODAY to Deb!!  I hope Notre Dame wins the game today in her honor!!

Toby all buckled into his car seat, ready to go to the vet.
The vet had an unexpected emergency so we spent a lot of time in the waiting room and then hanging out in the exam room before we saw her!  Here Toby took advantage of the dog bed for the first time ever at the vet - he even took a short nap!

Ah, the new and improved urine sample kit that we got to take home with us!  And then I got to drop it back off...I always tell the receptionist it is a little gift from Toby!
The bun relaxing in the bedroom.  I'm quite pleased with myself; I recently purged closets and now there's space in one bedroom closet for all of her bedroom rabbit toys (and you can see there's quite a lot) - so everything gets tucked neatly away the next day!
Warm weather donkeys on the hillside.
A series of downright silly Luigi photos!

Am obsessed with these yummy grapes straight from our garden!
The bun lounging in her "kissing booth".
The dogs resting underneath Julie's little altar/sympathy card display.
I'm always amazed at the wildlife I see on my morning walks...just this morning, a duck!
Snap and I had so much fun walking down from her house to check out the new Barlow development in Sebastopol:   http://www.thebarlow.net/

It is going to be a really fun place to dine and shop when it is completed - it is right across the street from our office!
And then we also walked around Sebastopol and the farmer's market.
A shoe...looks like it might belong to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
Only in Sebastopol:  kale on the back of a bicycle.
Clothing and shoe sale!
At the Barlow part of the landscaping has artichokes and strawberries...very cool!

Posing in front of an old barrel of sorts.
Busy farmer's market!

Super fun old truck!

Snap's new friends.

Salad time!
OMG, the big corral renovation time!
The foreman moved (I helped, too) the dining shelter and had to level out a new area for it.
Explaining his plan to Paco.

Taking a Labor Day break!
Getting ready to dig...

The boys are always SO interested in new things!

Nice and tidy with everything in place - this will be especially handy having things closer when it starts to rain.
The most ridiculous photo of the week!  I was happy to have my camera nearby for this one.  My begging trio!

A feather smack in the middle of the trail when I went to retrieve a critter cam!
More views of the redesigned corral.  The new pergola will be built to the left.

Fun and games!

Enjoying chewing sticks together.

This little guy has been napping by the hay cabin (and ladders) - he calmly sat there while I took his photo!

Pretty Mexican flowers from the garden.
The foreman heads off to play tennis for the first time in many months.
Veggies over a big plate of steamed mixed greens...yum!
Utterly exhausted rabbit.
The evening lounge time.

Wasabi's gourmet salad - which includes dandelion greens, kale, parsley, cilantro, dill, fennel, chard, sprouts, carrot tops, collard greens, spinach, and more!
The foreman COOKS!
With items straight from the garden!
The donkeys love to try to nibble on grapes and other things in the garden.

The only photo I got of the vet visit was right before he arrived - the foreman had just finished putting the boys' halters on when we heard his truck pull up...excellent timing!
The weekly pose!
The boys were a bit subdued after their vaccines, which was to be expected.
This cracked me up...Wasabi went right under Toby to get to her hay and he didn't flinch!

My nephew and his girlfriend adopted this adorable cat - her name is Roxy!  I think she needs her own blog!
Sparky lounging!  Check out Sparky's blog (link to right on this blog!) for some really cute updates!

This Week's Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos...
including a bobcat with (ugh) prey!