Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Donkeys Get New Fencing - Woo Hoo!!! Plus More at the Lazy Vegan!

 Paco enjoys a nap in his new fenced area!
      One of the things that makes me the happiest is seeing the animals happy...and the donkeys were SUPER happy this week with the arrival of new donkey fencing, which means that their "new" pasture area (from when we expanded last year) is now even bigger...much bigger!  It took us several hours to set up while the donkeys were gated off in their "lower pasture" (I have to come up with actual names for these different areas).  Once we were done, we let the boys in and after casually investigating, they did their gleeful running and bucking (see video in this post!) - and they stayed up all night checking things out (well, at least for most of the night...I set up one of the critter cams out there so I have videotaped proof!).  We can possibly expand their area a bit more but are about maxed out...I did a "fence check" and walked the whole property and counted 109 panels of the twelve foot panel pipe fencing ...that's a lot of fencing!  Plus, since the cost keeps going up each year (made of metal), it is a bit of an investment, too!


Bedtime!  The foreman carefully carries the bun.
Wasabi wants to play!

As mentioned before, the foreman planted grapes a few years ago but this is the first year that they're really producing..and they are SO good!  Along with the table grapes there are some Pinot...so perhaps there will be a Lazy Vegan wine label coming out in the future...

Waiting around for something!

Resting briefly with Bravo.
Talking to the boys about their new expansion!
Toby and Paco say hello.

Hanging out in part of the new area.

Bravo goes exploring the new area!

Toby does, too.

Attempting to pose with Luigi!

Weegie doesn't really know what to make of Bravo.
Bravo loves the new bench!
This week had an interesting start when we woke at 2 a.m. to the sound of one of our smoke alarms beeping the low-battery warning sound.  It ended up being quite the saga - we were up till 4:30 with the foreman ending up dismantling ALL of the smoke alarms!  This involved bringing in the extension ladder.  During all of this, Bravo was TERRIFIED of the beeping noise and Wasabi expressed her dismay by thumping!
Happy donkeys!

The weekly pose!

The boys now can come up very close to the house, and I see them from our bedroom door!
More views of the new area.
Of course, they'll love it even more when the grass grows back!
The foreman cutting metal  rebar to secure the fence line.

A variety of tomatoes from the garden!

 Love the line of vegan gourmet products!

 Whipping up some vegan burritos!
 So happy were they with the new area that the donkeys played long and hard at twilight!

Kicking up some dust!
Patiently waiting for salad time.

Bravo was still skittish the next morning after the big smoke alarm fiasco!

More donkey fencing video!  Long and slow at the start...

After we spent hours setting up the new fencing, we came inside to find that the bunny wasn't feeling well (here she is resting on a dog bed!)...so I wasted no time getting the anti-gas drops into her little system and within an hour she was back to munching hay - whew!

Donkeys right outside my bedroom door!

On our way to a little outing to look at a fixer property...hmmm....yes, could be a future project coming up!
Snap's delicious berry cobbler!
Had so much fun walking downtown with Snap again...here she checks out a filing cabinet apparently up for grabs!
Sebastopol is such a cute town to walk around.

This lady was all dressed up to promote the upcoming cemetery walk for the historical society.
Music at the farmer's market.
Heirloom tomatoes!
Posing by huge cabbage heads!
Snap investigates the corn!

Wow - beautiful pottery.
Berries of all kinds!

My sister's adorable JRT, Sparky!!  Rumor has it she'll be coming for a visit soon - and will meet Bravo at Grandma Snap's house - stay tuned for THOSE photos!
Critter Cam Videos of the Week!

So silly of Paco late at night...