Saturday, October 26, 2013

More House Projects, Beautiful Bucks on Critter Cam and Celebrating a 21st Anniversary at the Lazy Vegan!

First of all, welcome home to my dad who had quite the week in the hospital where, thanks to modern medicine, doctors were able to "restart" his heart!!  
Welcome home, Dad - and now take it easy!!!

This week at the Lazy Vegan we celebrated 21 years of marriage...and for the first time ever, bought one another identical greeting cards!  HA HA!
The pergola and water feature are still in the final stages - we hope to reach completion on both projects in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, we've started some misc. other home improvement projects!  Beautiful bucks on the critter cam this week - it is interesting to see how different species come and go - now it is definitely deer and turkey season!  And that about does it for the week...didn't get around to taking as many photos as usual, but the usual routine still went on!

OMG!  Identical Happy Anniversary cards...soooooo funny...
Time for kale smoothies!  I've been making kale, coconut water and mango smoothies in my Vitamix.

All flopped out.
Happy 21st!
The bun runs to greet the foreman.

Paco loves to pick up sticks - so silly!
The weekly pose, with Paco holding a stick!

Running, bucking and playing before dinner.

On our way to our favorite vegan restaurant to celebrate our anniversary!
Passing the usual sight of beautiful vineyards along the way.
It wasn't planned, but we ended up ordering the same meal - kind of to keep with the same card theme!

We had a great visit with Paul!

Enjoying the sun one morning.

Every once in a while I stop in at the farm where Paco and Luigi came from to say hi to the donks and the emus!

Settling down with her pals one evening.

Another new project - this is the tile mural that was mentioned a blog post or so back...
One of the things I love about the foreman is that once he starts a project, he doesn't stop till it is finished...even if it means working in the dark...

Yum - I roasted butternut squash and then made a butternut squash & garlic soup!
One of the bucks that shows up on the critter cam videos.

Basking in the sunlight next to her Magic Dream cottage.
The tile mural...almost done!

The foreman helped me frame one of the donkey photos I took...woo hoo!

 Next step for the pergola will be cables running through the beams...
 We hired a pond specialist to hook up all the pumps!
 Eventually the vines will grow up...
 Concrete all finished and waiting for water!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! 
 Especially love the smart raccoon who knows a fox is around the corner...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Final Stage of the Pergola & Water Feature Project, Crisp Fall Mornings and Happy 50th to Scott at the Lazy Vegan!

So much fun with an empty pan!
The exciting pergola/water feature project is in the final phase - almost  to completion!  Next week a pond expert will come out to plumb the parts that need plumbing (or put the pumps in, or something...) and the final concrete pour happened early this morning (hopefully our neighbors didn't mind the noise on a Saturday!). So far the only animals to investigate the project have been the turkeys - and they seem rather interested - it could be that they think it is being built for them!  HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to my brother-in-law, Scott - we had a fun celebration once again at Snap's house (just call her place the "party condo!")!! It definitely feels like Fall now at the Lazy Vegan...I have to wear mittens on my early morning walks!
I love watching the donks play with the empty pan - they do it for so long!

Finishing up her salad from a very relaxed position!
The foreman and I spent an afternoon restoring our outdoor table and chairs...lots of scrubbing.
Headed down to check out the day's work.
The water feature has taken the longest since it has to be poured in parts.  Here, the final bench/seat has been framed.
Carefully (foreman style) placing the table and chairs.
The turkeys hanging out with the donks again.

The foreman shows off the vines he plans on planting.

The weekly pose  - this time under the trees!
Paco is such a good sport.  Luigi would never let me do this.
Shaping up!

The guy sitting in the chair is the concrete "finishing guy".  He was smart - brought his own chair and coffee and paper along to sit and wait for the concrete to dry enough for him to work on.

 View from the path headed up to the hill where the critter cams are!
 The turks!

And a turkey vulture...

Saying hi.

Horses across the way.

Toby has healed great after his big dental vet appointment!
Went with Snap to downtown Sebastopol last weekend...love this doggie in the window!
Sharing a vegan muffin at Taylor Maid coffee in the Barlow!
Snap bought these spiffy shoes for her Ramona, who just went into a residential care home.

The next segment of photos are all from Scott's 50th birthday celebration at Snap's house!  Way to go, Scott- you don't look a day over 40!

Snap got a sports-themed cake!

Just what every fifty-year-old wants...a Jack Russell terrier puppet!

Group photo time!

The dweeb sisters with faded out faces...

Back at home, Luigi lounges.

The almost-completed bench portion of the water feature!
The trio!

Late blog update: we had a great impromptu visit from my cousin Dean and his wife Michelle, who are in California celebrating their anniversary - so fun to see both of them!  Here are a few photos - the animals were pretty well-behaved (although Paco embarrassed me by scratching his big donkey butt on the fence!)

 Paco's butt-scratching technique!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!