Saturday, October 5, 2013

HOPPY 4th Birthday to Wasabi, Fun, Fun, Fun Having a Root Canal, and Can You Say PERGOLA? At the Lazy Vegan!

The Bun is four!  Four years ago today we rescued this beautiful black and white rabbit from a horrible, tiny outdoor cage with a piece of plywood on top and nothing inside but an empty water bowl and a metal floor.  We had no idea that we were about to embark on a brand new adventure with a house rabbit!  Or that we would absolutely adore her!  HOPPY Birthday, Wasabi!
         What a week it has been at the Lazy Vegan!  It seems like I always preface my posts with that remark - I guess it is always true! This week really was hectic with the commencement of the big pergola and pond construction project - which turned out to be much more involved than I had thought with workers swarming the yard and a cement truck, forklift and crane!  The project isn't finished yet but will be soon and everything is looking great...can you say PERGOLA?  Because I am finally learning how to pronounce it correctly, which is a good thing...this is one pergola that is hard to miss seeing!
And in other news, not to bore the blog reader with the full back story - but after three solid days of a migraine headache that finally went away only to be followed by a toothache that didn't, I had to have a root canal done.  Oh, the horror!  Seriously, I'd had a bad experience during a root canal (in which I FELT it big time) a decade ago, so had managed to fluff up my fear big time about having the procedure done again...so I did what any perimenopausal forty-eight year old woman would do... I called my mama!  And she came to the rescue to drive me there and back - and even ended up going into the room with me to watch the whole darn thing!  Now if that ain't blog material, I don't know what is!  Yes, photos were taken!  Fun, fun fun!
Wasabi always trying to say hello!
Day one of the project!

Prepping the pond.

The first cement pour - this is colored concrete to match our terraces.

The crew indoors were good about all the construction noise.

First stage of pond completed.
Carrying the bun into her kitchen playground in the morning!
Yummy breakfast!

Little lizard soaking up the warmth.

HOPPY birthday cookies made of hay!  Bought on bunspace.com, of course!
My friend Andree gave Wasabi that great towel ("Bun Appetit!")
Birthday party time!

Snagged the "b" right off the bat.

Going for the "y"!

Loved seeing my friend Andree who was briefly in town - went to coffee and had bowls of oatmeal with berries!
And she gave me this BEAUTIFUL wrap that she knitted!  I love it!!

Birthday week for the bun also means annual exam time with the rabbit specialist vet!  Here she's held by a vet tech.  The vet said - OMG - that she's fat.  Which we actually already knew.  She's a very healthy but chunky 8.5 pound rabbit!

Second stage of the pond.  The hole in front is where the pump, etc. will go.  The foreman had it designed by a pond guy, so it will be plumbed perfectly.

Bravo inspects!
WHOA!  Can you say PERGOLA?????
OMG!  You can now!
Paco and the pergola.
More pond work.

Early morning arrival of the crew.

Second cement pour.
Crane!!  And I don't mean a bird!  These photos are courtesy of the foreman.

A crane was necessary to lift the beams, which weigh 500 pounds each!

I unfortunately missed this excitement but am glad that the foreman thought to document it.

The workers amazed me with their ability to hop around up high.

When it is all done, it will probably be stained a darker color.

The weekly pose!

Luigi's favorite butt rub spot!
OMG!  Root canal time!  This was actually afterwards, and I'm still smiling!  The endodontist (in pink) was awesome - she spent two decades in the army as a dentist before opening her own practice.  I like how she explained what was going on.
False bravery beforehand.  False!!
Yep.  My mama right there in the room. It made all the difference!
Meditating beforehand (no, not really).

OMG (lots of OMGs during this procedure!) - I got to see the "show" towards the end on a t.v. screen on the ceiling!

The assistant was nice, too.
Seriously...if we can put a person on the moon, can't we figure out a better way to do this??  Talk about claustrophobic!

From her chair, Snap noticed that the stick figure exit sign was pretty amusing...

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!