Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beautiful Weather for a Holiday Week at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Thanksgiving!  The holiday was very easy-going this year!  Had a simple brunch with Snap & Karina and then went on a two hour hike through the park! It has been an absolutely beautiful, sunny week.  The donkeys have been running and playing daily and the critters are out in abundance...hard to believe that the first day of December is tomorrow!

Time for my annual Thankgiving t-shirt!
Yummy brunch at Snap's!  I brought over tofurkey sandwiches on cranberry bread to give it a Thanksgiving vibe!

Headed off to Ragle park!

At Ragle park!

Whoops - out of order!  Showing off my sandwiches.
At a trail post.

Two nice strangers took the photos of the three of us!
I haven't been to this section of the park in a long time - I used to run on it, back in the day...so pretty!

Snap spotted this red tailed hawk!

Our shadows!
A leaf suspended by an invisible spider web.
Time to make some wishes!

Wish one...

Wish two...(blown out by SUCH a dweeb!).
More food, after the hike!
Friendly neighbor cat!
Back at home, the boys enjoy the sunshine on the front terrace while the foreman fixes the rooster's tail feathers!

Wasabi loves to toss around her little basket and other toys, and I've noticed she'll especially put on a show of it when the dogs are around.
Beautiful buckeye!

Sunshine "selfies"!
Quality time with the boys.

Queen of the kitchen.

Spotted from the upstairs window:  the donks napping!
More napping!
Whipped this up in my Vita mix:  mango & cranberry sorbet...delicious!
I've been stuffing hay in unexpected places, much to Wasabi's delight.

MORE napping!
When I cook in the kitchen, it always attracts a certain crowd.
Making super good pumpkin butter sweetened with maple syrup!

The weekly pose!
Weegie in the Fall colors.

Time to play with that silly pan again!

Bravo with his slightly guilty expression.
Downtown with Snap, where she points out a rose bush.
My friend Jennie at the farmer's market!  And it happened to be her birthday!

Selling some of her beautiful rocks.
The next grouping of photos (including the cute dog, above) are from when Snap and I visited Ramona at the residential care home she now lives at.  I was very impressed with the home - cozy & neat with a friendly staff.
We visited out on the deck.

Mimi, the care home dog, has bonded with Ramona.
I took a photo of our shoes!  Because that's just what I do!

Mimi with Ramona's gift.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!