Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Rabbit Medical Class, an Olive Harvest Party, a Vegan Pumpkin Pie and More at the Lazy Vegan!

One of the highlights this week at the Lazy Vegan was attending a very informative (over 3 hours long!) rabbit medical class taught by a specialist vet and put on by Save A Bunny (http://www.saveabunny.org/ ) and held at the humane society.  I was suprised to see how crowded the event was - there are a lot of other crazy bunny people out there!  I learned even more about the rather complex rabbit digestive system and how to handle bunny health emergencies!
Later in the week I tried out a vegan pumpkin pie recipe sweetened only with dates - yum, yum...and then the foreman and I attended an olive harvesting party, and I've decided since that I have no interest in growing fruit-bearing olive trees - picking them is a very time intensive chore and you need many pounds of olives to produce a tiny bit of olive oil!                                                             And, finally, the turkeys:  they're coming around in big groups to hang out at the Lazy Vegan, where they know they have a safe haven!  Sadly, 40 million turkeys are slaughtered each year JUST for Thanksgiving alone - many more than that throughout the year.  Check out the turkey info graph at the bottom of the post (past all the critter cam videos, at the very end)...thanks to Huffington Post!

I put one of the critter cams on the photo (v.s. video) setting and got this buck, above...but unfortunately most of the other pictures of animals were too blurred to keep!

Ta Da!  Vegan pie, sweetened with dates - into the oven!

And back out!

Newborn twins.  Sadly, the one on the right died right away. The shepherd and I exchanged a few text messages (I alerted him to the unmoving lamb) and he concluded both were born last night and he thinks the one was stillborn.  I'm amazed at what ewes go through!
At the olive harvest party!

The foreman pulls down the branches.
Sorting instructions!
The sorters!
My bucket.  It took forever just to pick this many!

Two blurred photos from the day of my rabbit class.  I LOVE the Sonoma Humane Society!

Two of the many bunnies up for adoption.
These burritos were made with really delicious quinoa tortillas.
The water is BACK!

The foreman in the pump "house".

Binky time!

Rabbit leap!

Old Toby is struggling a bit these days.
The foreman's latest project.

There's nothing like warm laundry fresh out of the dryer!
Beautiful ORANGE cloud at sunset!
I loved it that the word of the year was "selfie" - here I am in one of my many "selfies" - with the dogs!
Safe turkey.

The donkeys "helped" me with a project - digging a little trench to set their feeder in.  Each morning lately I've been coming down to the corral to discover that they've moved the feeder twenty feet or more.  Now that should stop!
The weekly pose!  Or, the weekly "selfie"!
A mama and her young ones (I've been watching this trio - the babies are growing fast!).
It is that time again for donkeys to be wormed.  Here the foreman does it with ease (although Luigi is always the hardest - he is very suspicious of the bread that the worming paste is hidden in!).

Play time!

Geese across the way.

I was cleaning through drawers and found this adorable old tie-dyed dog shirt that used to belong to Solo.  It is too tight for Toby or Bravo, so their cousin Sparky will be getting it soon!

The power went out for hours one evening due to high winds.  Thank God for camping lanterns!


Wasabi surveys her room at bedroom.
Homemade tomato veggie soup.
Wasabi hanging out past her bedtime!

The donkeys eating dinner...this is the feeder that I dug a little trench for.  I'm not like the foreman - I didn't do a perfect job (plus, I am sore today from the effort!!).
View from the pergola!
New plants going in by the landscaper, a.k.a. the foreman!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!

(Video above not from critter cam - still having issues filming with my regular camera, but this was an attempt!)