Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beautiful Sunny Days in November, the Vet Visits the Donkeys and Many Critters Out and About at the Lazy Vegan!

 Time for a kale snack!

Another week zoomed by here at the Lazy Vegan...with the threat of rain that never happened - beautiful sunny (and even warm) days in November!  The donkeys were not thrilled to hear that that they were due for their rabies shots, but our great vet came and went before they knew it (and this time I snapped a photo!).  LOTS of foxes and deer featured on the critter cam this week, and I put a camera on the donkeys' fencing one evening to see what they were up to...saved one out of over 70 videos of them prowling about (I don't think they sleep that much!) - check out Paco settling down for a snooze on video!
 Karina and Nick!
 Squirrel in the trees.
 This was a yummy salad:  kale with sugar peas, celery & walnuts in a spicy mustard dressing!
 Portabella mushrooms in garlic!

 With Snap on our weekend walk downtown!  Here I am on the fountain in the town square.
 The coyote/ocean mural is coming along - I love it!

 Snap and I were appreciating all the things that Sebastopol offers.

 Souvenirs from Snap's trip to Salem!
 Getting her copy of the Bohemian news...

And posing by the "peace" sculpture!
More food photos...
Tasty vegan tacos!

Soooooo   relaxed!

Beggars, all three...
The boys got to check out the water feature (still waterless, but soon to be refilled) and pergola!

They approved of the new additions!
Our vet - he is fantastic, comes right on time and is so good with the boys - always "hides" the shots in his pocket and then whips them out when it is time!  He still has to usually wrestle a bit with Paco.  Here Luigi actually poses with him!
And this was after the shot!
The foreman tries a brand new halter on Luigi.
Their old halters were red (which I think was cute) but they've outgrown them.  It is hard to find donkey halters that fit correctly - I had to order them online.

Luigi shows off the new black halter.

Bringing bunny in to her kitchen playground!

Binky time!!!

Silly Weegie.

Kicking up dust at playtime!

MORE binky time!

LOVE this organic cashew spread on raisin toast!
Made a huge pot of black beans at the beginning of the week.  Such excitement.

LAMBS!  I will try to get better photos - there are now four newborns!

Went on an outing...to the library!  Again, such excitement...but it is fun having a cute little library so close by!
The weekly pose!
Paco is such a good sport...
Made a batch of cashew milk in my Vita Mix...SO good and simple to do!

Very creamy and delicious! Cashew milk recipe (I didn't use any agave or other sweetener; don't think it needs it - cashews are actually very sweet on their own!):  http://vegetarian.about.com/od/rawfoodsrecipes/r/cashewmilk.htm

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!