Saturday, November 9, 2013

Coyotes and Foxes on the Move, Lots of Hee-Hawing for Dinner & Rocking Out to Lungs & Limbs at the Lazy Vegan!

Suddenly and seemingly due to the recent time change, the donkeys are hee-hawing an hour or so before dinner time...for, well, dinner!  It appears that browsing for what little grass is left and snacking on oak leaves isn't doing much to quell their immense equine appetites!  I've started to feed them a tad earlier than usual but really don't like to get into that habit - because the earlier they eat dinner, the sooner they'll want breakfast in the morning...and a hee-haw at 4:30 a.m. is NEVER a welcomed sound!  In other Lazy Vegan news - and a topic I hesitate to bring up - the beautiful water feature is, GASP, leaking.  I'm told by the foreman that this is a fixable issue, but it is a bummer to see it all drained and now it looks as if the repair job will have to dry completely out for weeks before it is filled again.  Oh, well - this is, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, not a third world problem!  We had a blast going to see Karina & Nick's band last night & dancing away - they are really becoming quite the professional entertainers and are all really talented! Don't miss the critter cam videos at the end...coyotes and foxes on the move!

The foreman requested a photo of me by a small oak that is suddenly growing quite large on our property - and for the first time has changed color!
Quality time with the spoiled ones.

OMG, Luigi let me pose with him for a photo!  This rarely happens.

One content donkey.

The pergola.  Something about it reminds me of that old movie, Field of Dreams...."if you build it, they will come..."  - will be interesting to see what the pergola brings!

The flopped-out routine.

So stinking cute!
Bravo relaxes on the front terrace.
O.K., reader discretion warning - this next topic is about scat!  Toby's paw points out a neat little (rather scattered) pile of FOX scat.  That's right, folks - a fox did his biz on our property...be sure to check out the video at the end of this post of the probable suspect!
The foreman also created these beautiful new steps.

The emptied-out water feature, ready for repairs.
Bravo and Wasabi.
What Bravo thinks of Wasabi's "kissing booth"!

With the pups under the pergola.

Snap and I had a blast going down to the Barlow again.  Here she checks out the bananas at the Community Market!
Absolutely love this new mural being painted in downtown Sebastopol...a coyote by the ocean!

I think I need this sticker for my car.
Wasabi hanging out at bedtime.

Ridiculous Weegie!

The weekly pose!
 Harvesting the rest of the prickly pears!  I got all dressed up in protective gear, only to have a cactus spine immediately puncture my hand through my glove.  So I left the rest of the job to the foreman!

 Big bucket full!
 Scooping out the fruit.  This is a big, messy job - but the fruit was ripe for the picking and now we can freeze it to use later for prickly pear margaritas or sorbet!

And to think at one time the foreman would barely let me take his photo...here he poses by his wood cutting project - using leftover wood from the pergola for fireplace kindling.
Patty and Snap are in Boston, visiting Aaron and Mo and all the Starbucks along the way!

Aaron and Mo!

Mo and Roxie the cat.
Snap and friend!
This cat is hilarious!

Group dinner photo in Boston!
Lungs & Limbs performing at the Hopmonk last night!
https://www.facebook.com/lungsandlimbs and new website:  http://lungsandlimbs.com/

Saw our friend Shawn there!

Lead singer Karina afterwards!

(Grainy) group photo:  Chris, Karina, Me, Foreman, Claire!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
Check out the pair of coyotes and foxes!