Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween, Celebrating Six Years of Veganism and Other Fun Stuff at the Lazy Vegan!

It was a very low-key Halloween this year at the Lazy Vegan...the donkeys declined to dress up this year and were quite dismissive of the arrival of a pumpkin in their pasture, and the even the dogs wouldn't don hats.  The rabbit, thankfully, agreed to pose with a pumpkin so I was able to get some holiday photos - and I dressed up for a photo op, too!  AND, exciting news:  we were finally able to fill the water feature/pool/pond (we need a name for this thing...) with water!  It came out even better than we expected - reflects the trees, the sky and is just beautiful to look at and listen to.  The foreman adjusted the fountain speed so we have two options of flow - one is very peaceful and the other energetic!  I set up one of the critter cams near it last night to see if we're attracting any new wildlife to the watering hole, but nothing showed up...I'm sure they'll seek it out in time.  Yesterday marked the six year anniversary of becoming vegan - woo hoo!  It also happened to be World Vegan Day (who knew?).  Have never eaten better and will never look back - feel really happy to be able to do this one lifestyle change to support the animals and truly hope that I'll see factory farming abolished in my life time.
Welcome home AGAIN to my dad - who unfortunately had to spend more time in the hospital this week!!!  Hope you feel better, Dad!!

Empty, waiting to be filled.

Cables up on the pergola!

Time to fill!
It took a long time - I waded around for a while.

Love the color!

Sorry to bore the blog reader with all these water feature photos...but couldn't resist!

The white marks will go away - it is a clear coat drying off.
No fountain running yet.

Bravo checks it out!

It is pretty high on certain sides.

Love how it reflects!

View from kitchen table.


At night!
Beautiful weather this week.

Paco above and Weegie below.  Sometimes I do have trouble telling them apart from far away.

Trees make great scratching posts!

The weekly pose!

Pump work.
Salad time!
Vegan worcestershire sauce!

Happy Halloween!


Big hop!
Bravo's new napping spot.

The finished tile mural!
Turkey invasion!

More Happy Halloween!

The donkeys pretty much ignored the pumpkin that showed up in their area...

Paco at least sniffed it!
While Luigi took a dust bath!

Weegie takes a well-deserved nap.

My mom and I walked down to the Barlow again last weekend and she stopped these Tibetan monks to find out where they were doing an amazing sand painting.

Also stopped at a garage sale!
Snap got these beautiful shoes for an incredible price (NOT at the garage sale).
At the Barlow! In front of the sign advertising the grand opening!

Taylor Maid coffee has these YUMMY "viciously vegan protein muffins".
OH MY GOD!  My mom went on a zip line with my cousin Dean and his wife, Michelle.  I took these photos from a video on the t.v. - so not good quality - she was WAY up high and it looked freaky but fun!
On a wobbly swinging ladder, too!  Again, up WAY high in the trees...
Back at the Barlow, sitting by this nifty outdoor heater.
The Tibetan monks working on a beautiful sand painting!
And MORE Barlow photos from the grand opening this evening - I met Snap and two of her friends and we made our way through the huge crowd to see the sights - only posting a few photos here!
 Lots of people!
In the newly-opened Community Market!

Photo by Snap!
 A fire-breathing horse on wheels!
At the Community Market again...I actually shopped there this morning - so nice to have an alternative to Whole Foods!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! 
(Including a pair of foxes who knocked over the camera!)