Saturday, December 7, 2013

Freezing (literally) Cold Weather for the Beginning of December at the Lazy Vegan!

Super cold start to a new month here at the Lazy Vegan, with temperatures dropping so low that the donkeys' water froze...three mornings in a row!  I felt like I was out on a ranch in Missouri or something, chiseling away at ice so they could access the water underneath.  And then I even heated up water to mix in both of the donkeys' water buckets so they didn't have to drink ice cold water (this is just one of the many ways the animals are spoiled around here!).  I've noticed less critter action this week, most likely due to the frigid nights - but after a long absence the coyotes seem to be making more appearances.  Check out the house rabbit short video at the bottom of this post...a (tiny) binky right on cue!

Snuggle bunny.

Toby is pretty batty lately (he's an old pup!) so when I take a bath I put him nearby in the hallway so I can keep an eye on him.  He's so deaf that a lot of times he'll just stay there after I leave!  We've had quite a few interesting early morning (we're talking 2, 3 a.m.) incidents with the funny guy lately - this week he meandered around and managed to get himself stuck in the stairwell!
Ice from one of the donkeys' water buckets.  They're not exactly buckets - they're fancy automatic waterers - but I suppose if they were really fancy, they'd have a built in heater!
As always, the first holiday card to arrive is addressed to the rabbit - from other rabbits!!!  This one is from some of Wasabi's pals from BunSpace.

Getting close enough to see who it is from.  Because she has OTHER rabbit pals, as well!

Sometimes the "weekly pose" that I do with Paco takes some effort.  This week he kept playing with me every time I tried to use the camera...in fact, he practically pushed me over!
You can't see in the photo above, but he had already started to push me over...

Finally, success!  He's such a good sport.  I just love those donkeys.
This seems to be the snuggle couch.
Frozen (well, at least frost!) critter cam!
A lone turkey searches for food before nightfall.

Bravo naps in front of the Xmas tree.
Bravo approves of the first fire of the season!
Yummy roasted acorn squash from the farmer's market in Forestville!
This dog just really knows how to take care of himself.
COLD morning.  A short word about the water feature...yes, it is still leaking.  Yes, it is drained right now.  And yes - the foreman WILL figure it out - because that's what he does!
Wasabi spends a long time making sure her "runner" is ready to make the leap into the kitchen!
She has to think it over, first.

It is so funny to watch.  Can't imagine what goes through that bunny head.
Hanging with Bravo and Baby and Buddy.

Soaking up the sun!!

The donkeys run around and play a  lot when it is cold - no doubt to stay warm.  Their coats are also super fuzzy right now.  There's nothing quite like a fuzzy donkey!
Snack time for a squirrel.

The master of naps.

Morning time.

Only in California is there excitement over a frozen leaf.
Yes, MORE relaxation!
The bunny transfer to the kitchen...otherwise known in this household as "the bunny express"!

More ice!  You'd think I'd never seen ice before.

The sheep at the top of the road are doing their best to stay warm.  Luckily, they have wool coats!  There's a reason that wool should stay on their bodies!


The evening routine.  After dinner, the rabbit and I hang out in the living room together.  She's a great companion!  So is my laptop.  Hee, hee.
The foreman saying hello to part of the crew.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!