Saturday, December 14, 2013

Icy Nights but Warmer Days at the Lazy Vegan!

During our cold spell here at the Lazy Vegan I suddenly have a strong interest in acquiring flannel pajamas!  I bought myself a new pair, along with a flannel robe (the robe is disappointing; too thin - especially when I venture out at 4:30 a.m. to feed the donkeys!).  Now all I really want to do is lounge around in my flannel p.j.s!  Maybe even hibernate in them!  In other news, the foreman is making a fire each evening to help make the house cozy while the pups are now even more fond of snuggling together in one dog bed. 
The donkeys also sleep closer together on cold nights - check out the short video of them getting ready for bed at the bottom of this post!  

The foreman tries on a wacky Christmas hat!  I think it looks very natural on him.

OMG, yummy pasta - vegan "alfredo" made with cashew "cream" (in my Vita Mix!) and garlic. You would never guess this was dairy free!
Proof that the big freeze continues!  Ice from the donkeys' water.
Turkeys on parade!

Super playful donks!

After play time - nap time!

The foreman went on a walk with me up to see the lambs!  Here he gives special attention to a neighbor's dog.
If these little guys needed a home I would take them in a heartbeat.
The pink ears!

Again, I just have to wonder out loud...HOW could anyone eat LAMB?????

Beautiful and attentive mama.

Our selfie on our walk!

It is starting to look like Christmas around the Lazy Vegan...tree on the terrace!
Snuggling with the bunny.  She likes my flannel pajamas.

In the bedroom ready to play!

With Snap on a walk downtown!  A selfie in a store, where I resisted the temptation to buy a glittery hedgehog.
At the farmer's market posing with hats!
Snap posing with wreaths!
Free chocolate samples passed out by an adorable boy.

Mini kale salad with spicy mustard and nutritional yeast.  Don't knock it till you've tried it!
Black bean tacos.  OMG.  I've become one of those people who photographs FOOD.
Taking the bun to the couch for quality time.

The foreman engrossed in a book.

 Warm enough one day to bask in the sun while barefoot!

 The foreman in shorts (brrrrr) after tennis.
Wasabi's favorite napping spot.

Wasabi's Christmas gift arrived - a Maze Haven!  Waiting till Xmas Day to assemble it.  Looks complicated.  In the mean time, she's playing with the box it arrived in.
More snuggle time.
Look closely at Wasabi - that's her hilarious stretching pose!
Wasabi checks out the tree.
Major nap time.
Heading down to say hi to the donks!

Staring through the chair rung.

Toby was up four nights this week - make that mornings, at around 3 a.m. each time.  Getting tiresome, but he can't help it.

The weekly pose!
It was so cold that some of our water pipes froze and then broke.  Here the donkeys are interested in me setting up a new water area till the other one is fixed.
Even the rooster liked the sun!
On to a scent!  Probably a fox - have been lots of them on the critter cam lately.
On a whim I put Bravo on top of the wood pile.  He was a good sport about it!

 Fun with a photo program on my computer that I had no idea I had!

 Love the stars - might start adding those to all my photos for the holidays!

 I would not have been a very good Viking.

Poor Bravo!
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