Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!! Welcoming 2014 at the Lazy Vegan!

Turkey enjoys the sunshine while perched on the donkeys' fence!

                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR!  
Excited about 2014 here at the Lazy Vegan.  We spent the first day of the new year cleaning and working on various house projects while the animals lounged and snacked (well, we did our share of snacking and a bit of lounging, too!).  Also celebrated some birthdays this past week...Paul turned 29 (gasp) and little Claire turned 25 (gasp, gasp!)!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both!

Sending good thoughts to my dad, who is spending some time in the hospital, getting better...get well soon, Dad!  And get some rest, Deb!

The birthday boy dons a Viking look!

Goodbye 2013, HELLO 2014!

Fun for the Bun in the living room.

 In honor of the new year I made vegan sushi with brown rice and miso soup!

Aerial view from the balcony, where the donkeys can barely be seen lounging in their corral.

The foreman enjoys the very last of the prickly pear rum punch!
Wasabi enjoying one of her Christmas gifts!
More lounging.

Birthday celebration for Claire (couldn't have anything for Paul this year as he wasn't in town!). The following are birthday photos!

Bravo decides to hop on up!

Instead of a birthday cake, it is a platter of birthday sorbet!

I know we need rain but it is so nice to be able to eat outdoors lately!

Toby says hi to Bravo.
Silly little pair.
New Year's Eve Day turkey!
Why furniture will never be the same if you have a Jack Russell terrier in your life.
OMG!  The first weekly pose of 2014!  Paco is looking forward to a new year and to hopefully a better batch of hay next delivery time.
Affection from the foreman.

Time for a nice drink!
New Year's Eve vegan, maple-sweetened oatmeal cookies!
New Year's Day - morning relaxation time.
After a long brisk walk (I forced myself to take a new route!), it was time to enjoy juice, coffee and toast and the newspaper!
Bravo hoped for at least some crumbs.
Ready for 2014!
Toby strolling.

The enthusiastic foreman.

Paco rests.
Luigi stares.

This little tree is a favorite scratching post.

 This deer above and fox below are still photos taken by one of the critter cams...I have it set on photo mode v.s. video for a fun change!

Unfortunately to celebrate the first week of the new year, I got a nasty cold!  So I made a very yummy and nutritious "no-chicken" garlic veggie soup and have been guzzling it down!
New Year's Day yard work!

2013 is dedicated to Juliana - shown here enjoying her spot on the terrace with Toby!

Featuring the pooping coyote...poor coyote - no privacy!  But where else can you see a coyote doing his biz in the wild?!