Saturday, January 11, 2014

The First Rain in a Long, Long Time, the Rabbit gets a Maze Haven & Luigi Poses for a Weekly Photo at the Lazy Vegan!

Luigi dries off after the first rain in a long, long time!
          On my morning walk today the air felt like rain...and sure enough, an hour or so after returning home the clouds gathered and spilled!  It was kind of a shock to see after so many weeks of dry weather.  The donkeys, I think, were a bit stunned, too.  They stood around getting wet until they finally got enough sense to head to the barn. All the outdoor animal chores are much harder when it is wet - but we need the rain, so I'm not complaining!  In other news, the rabbit finally got her Christmas gift - a Maze Haven - it has taken me this long to take it out of the packaging to assemble it (took me almost two hours, I confess...I'm not naturally good at following instructions and these were a tad complicated!).  We'll see if she takes to it - so far she only ventured in once; beforehand was a lot of circling and "chinning" (when rabbits leave their scent on something to make it their own!)...see video at end of this post!  OH, and big news:  Luigi has finally agreed to pose for a weekly photo, on his terms...and that means he's allowing a picture of his butt!  He is so reserved but won't hesitate to offer his butt for a good ole donkey scratch.  If I'm out cleaning the barn he'll head over and very carefully get into a butt-scratching position...so funny!
Paco drying off after a shower.
Super adorable Luigi!

Using the side of the barn for a good scratch.

Bun on the run!

When you see how much fun Wasabi has hopping and leaping all over the place it is hard to imagine a rabbit ever living in a cage!

Silly rabbit!

The all-important canine nap.

 Morning crew.

 Kale & cannellini bean soup - yum!
 Super playful donkeys!

 This was actually Luigi hee-hawing after playing!
Bravo and the foreman.
And Wasabi and the foreman!

Paco and the tree.
I love how the water feature reflects the house!
All the plants LOVED the rain!

The Maze Haven!  Wasabi investigates.
Checks out the long and involved instructions...
See the little nibble on the right (that's how rabbits read!)...

Almost two hours of assembly time on the kitchen table!
At long last, time to check it out...
The interior view.  If I were a rabbit, I'd love this!

Paco and his long shadow.
Dust bath time!

The weekly pose! With Paco, of course...
Luigi thinking of coming over for a good scratch...

And the weekly pose with Luigi!!

This is a photo of a donkey disagreement...a lot of shuffling around one another at the feeder.  Paco is the aggressor, but Luigi stands his ground.

The ridiculous ones.

OMG, a rabbit dramatic roll-over!  Wasabi will just do this out of the blue and it is the funniest thing to witness...she stays frozen in the position for a long time!
It always makes me laugh out loud!

Deer visit the pergola.

Rooster at dusk.

Good night!

Maze Haven investigation, part two.


The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!  Including Paco taking a dust bath and Wasabi checking out her new Maze Haven toy...