Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Return of the Bobcat, A New Orange Wheelbarrow, Adorable Black Lambs and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Another warm week in January has passed at the Lazy Vegan with no rain in sight.  The donkeys love taking their dust baths in the sunshine (much different when it is raining!) but we're hoping rain comes soon...we need it!  The highlight of this week was when the foreman came home with an early birthday gift for me...a beautiful orange wheelbarrow!  Yes, folks, this is exciting - my old wheelbarrow is all rusted out and the handle is barely hanging on with duct tape and I use it every day to haul donkey manure from the corral to the ever-growing poop pile!  This fancy new wheelbarrow even features a "flat free" tire...so no worries of ever getting a flat on my travels!  Also a highlight this week...the bobcat has returned!  Two beautiful bobcat videos on this post.  I love the bobcats and they rarely show up, so it is really exciting to see them.  Looking forward to leaving the Lazy Vegan on Monday for a whirlwind trip down to Long Beach to see my dad and step mom!  Am travelling with Snap, and we always make things fun...so watch out, Alaska Airlines...we will try to behave in the air!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Love the color and the size and how CLEAN it is!
 We put Bravo in for a test ride.  He was not too happy about it.

 My old wheelbarrow...note the duct taped handle and the rusted exterior...the bottom is almost all rusted out, too!

Two still photos from the critter cam of the bobcat - also videos at bottom of post!

 On quite the carrot ginger juice kick lately.  This one has celery, too.  Yum.
 Paco and the turkeys early one frosty morning.

 The Queen Bun in the kitchen!
 Wasabi hurries in to the kitchen when she hears the fridge door open!
 A new brand of gardenburger is out - very good!
 Bravo's beautiful root beer eye.

 When I put the dogs' flea medicine on I have to keep them away from Wasabi for at least twelve hours because it is toxic for rabbits!  So I leave a lot of signs around to remind myself and the foreman!

Wasabi doesn't like being gated away from the dogs even for a while and was happy (even though she looks sullen) to be free again!
Ah, yes.  The weekly pose!  Love Paco's smile!
Oh, be so still, my heart!  The arrival of two black lambs (twins)...so, so, so adorable!
They follow their mama everywhere.

 Early in the morning the sheep are all still sleeping near one another...that's one of the livestock guardian dogs lounging at the forefront!

Such a helpful rabbit - she hopped up to help fold laundry!

Enjoying the sunshine while utilizing their "scratching post"!

Busy in the living room.

Weary Toby.
Blurred...but still a BINKY!!

Emerging from the dark woods with one of the critter cams!
Evening relaxation time.

Luigi enjoys the warmth.

Bounding around!

Basically getting into everything!

I guess this is the weekly pose, take two!
And with Weegie, who presented me with his donkey behind!
That rambling rabbit again.

Squirrel gets a nice long drink!

Woo hoo - my beautiful brand new running shoes!
We call this pose the Super Hero!

Happy squirrel.

Time to take the bun upstairs for some t.v. time!

How Jack Russells like to lounge.  Why sit on the couch the "correct" way when you can sit elsewhere and flatten out the cushions?!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
Including the return of the bobcat!