Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Hay Issue, A Farrier Visit and a Brand New Car for the Foreman at the Lazy Vegan!

Really busy week at the Lazy Vegan with not as much photo taking time as usual...hence, less photos on this blog post!  But it was an eventful week:  I had all 15 bales of hay replaced, thankfully, for free by the feed store since the donkeys (and rabbit) weren't eating it.  It was just super old hay.  The new hay was much better, but not as good as it should be.  It MUST rain soon! I'm starting to get worried about the quality and quantity of hay! The farrier came to trim the donkeys' hooves and they were very well-behaved for the event although Luigi did some "acting out" beforehand for the foreman.  And, exciting news - the foreman got a brand new car!  Well-deserved!  A beautiful granite colored Jeep Cherokee!  Woo hoo!  It looks great parked next to my Beetle in our driveway!
SENDING MORE HUGS and love to my dad this week, still recuperating in the hospital after two heart procedures!

At the dealership!

 Home - late, but just in time to get some photos!
 And go for a little spin!

 I give it a thumbs-up - very comfy ride, very safe vehicle and cool looking!
Immaculate VEGAN interior!

At the Farmer's Market with Snap - cool hats!

This is the "hybrid" mode on my new camera - so it took some still photos along with the videos.

No, this is NOT Wasabi!  This adorable Wasabi look-a-like is a rabbit named Percy who is available for adoption and is right now being fostered by a teenage girl!  Maybe Wasabi should meet him...
Walking the donkeys before the farrier arrives.
First up is Luigi for a trim!

Toby's silly shadow.
Very helpful donks help clean the corral!

The weekly pose!
Yep - Paco is actually moving the shovel around here with his mouth!
Cleaning up his own manure!

This one woodpecker has been hard at work on the same oak tree for weeks now.
More farrier photos - getting harnesses on, which is harder than it looks.

Out of order photos...this is a co-worker with her dog! He's so adorable!
Trimming away.
Love Luigi's shadow on the water feature!

Since Luigi was all harnessed up, I took the opportunity to take a selfie with him!

 Enjoying the water feature at dusk.

 The replacement hay!  Yummy smelling orchard grass.
 The living room crew!

 Wasabi loves her salad time!

 Restful rabbit.

Playing in the sunshine!
The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Birthday to Paco at the Lazy Vegan!

ANOTHER donkey birthday at the Lazy Vegan - Paco turned seven on Valentine's Day!  I met an elderly woman this week who had a donkey named Lucy who died last year at the age of forty-seven...so Paco and Luigi have many years ahead of them! I'll be shoveling manure well into my eighties!  And this is worth another exclamation point or two!! Or three!!! I adore the boys and don't mind cleaning up after them at all...and the exercise will probably keep me living longer.  In other news, we had a bit more rain this week...so hopeful that we'll get more.  We had hay delivered and the quality is awful and the price has sky-rocketed.  The donks don't like the hay at all and I'll probably have to look for higher quality hay to feed the rabbit due to her delicate digestive system.
Sending lots of love to my dad this week before his surgery!

Beautiful seagull photo taken by Snap in Bodega Bay!

The weekly pose with the birthday boy!

 Weegie shows his utter disappointment with the new hay (I had just put it in the feeder and he didn't even rush over for it!
 SCAT ALERT!  For those of you not interested in scat, turn away.  But for those of you who are at least mildly interested, look on: I believe the above pile was produced by a raccoon!
 The bun settles into her fourth room for the day - the bedroom.  She starts in the kitchen, goes to the living room and then upstairs for some t.v. time - ending with the downstairs bedroom with us.  Of course.
 New heating pad for Toby!
 He loves it!
 And so does Bravo.
 Sometimes you gotta have breakfast for dinner:  steamed kale, tofu scramble, hash browns and strawberries!
 I love it when Wasabi "stands"!
 Silly trio - Wasabi is always fascinated by Bravo's tail.
 Hopping effortlessly by the canines!

 When she's had enough of the living room, she just hops back up to "her" kitchen!
 Clouds brewing for the rain.
 The disappointing hay - the kind that just falls apart in your hand and doesn't have that fresh smell.  BUMMER.  And expensive!
 The canines say hello to the equines.
 Happy Valentine's Day!

 The foreman shows off his Valentine's Day shirt from Territory Ahead (I scored a sale right after Xmas!).

 Transferring the bun to the bedroom!
Sometimes Toby can't quite make it all the way into his little bed.
Along with the hay delivery are the necessary pine shavings to keep the barn nice and dry!  I store these in the former chicken coop!

Relaxing in the living room.
Hang out time.

Too bad Bravo looks like an alien dog!

Taking the bun upstairs!
Watching the Olympics.

Ridiculous super hero pose!

Birthday time!

Woo hoo - sweet grain and carrots!

Just forty more years or so of this!

Poor Wasabi had to go to the vet for a nail trim.  She was NOT a happy camper!

COYOTE prints on the driveway! And then a coyote on the critter cam, too.
Paco posing with the flood waters behind him.
 The water is further away than it appears - but I'm still glad we live on a hill!

Luigi giving himself a good butt scratch on the bench!
And Paco doing the same.
The boys love to mess around with fresh straw that I put out on the mud.
Hanging out in the barn during the rain - not a heck of a lot to do!
Except maybe pee!

These turned out to be my last photos of the lambs.  As of this morning they're suddenly ALL gone.  Which can only mean one thing.  So sad.

Karina is visiting her half-sister, Emily - they are so adorable together!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!