Saturday, February 8, 2014

Here Comes the Rain at the Lazy Vegan! And More Birthdays! And Out-of-Town Visitors and More at the Lazy Vegan!

All of a sudden it is seeming like a regular February around the Lazy Vegan...with RAIN!  And puddles!  And mud!  Not complaining at all about getting drenched and dirty doing donkey chores nor about the power outage (thankfully back as I type this),  because am hoping that the storms this week will put a dent in the California drought!  In non-weather news this week, Dad celebrated a birthday - bravely while still in rehab at the medical facility - had hoped he'd be home for the special day but hopefully soon (you'll have to have a second birthday celebration when you do get home, Dad!).  Luigi also celebrated a birthday - the sweet equine turned seven! It was great to see John & Tracy - both kindly revised the weekend plans when it started to storm and met for lunch at Snap's house instead of in Napa (Snap once again quickly whipped up a wonderful meal - you can credit Whole Foods deli for part of it, but she put it all together flawlessly!).  Low traffic from the critters for the videos this week - pretty predictable when it rains.  And, last but not least, Toby rekindled his fascination with tennis balls - so adorable to see him chase after one with his poor arthritic canine body!

Happy birthday to Dad!  Pictured in Bodega Bay, above and below.

Luigi's birthday "cake" - sweet grain and hay with finely chopped carrots!

Lots of interest from both donkeys!

Love Luigi's expression here.

The bun explores the couch!

Fun visit with John & Tracy!!

And the Tomashefsky crew - those boys never stop growing!
Posing right before lunch!
Snap had a bit of everything to choose from.
Dad and Deb were there in spirit via their cardboard cut-outs!
Relaxing and eating.

Practicing for a self-timed group photo shoot!

Success!  I was able to hop in and everyone got in the photo!
Four really tall men.

The Tomahsefsky family, minus Aaron back in Boston.

The following photos taken by John & Tracy and nabbed off of Jackie's blog (thanks!):

Mud control back home - used a bale of straw to help with the water run-off and to give the donkeys traction!

Definitely tall muck boot weather!
The boys eat dinner in the "dining shelter".

Flooding below.

The weekly pose - nothing like putting your face next to a wet donkey!!

So happy that the donks have a nice, dry barn to hang out in!  Takes time to clean, but it makes me feel good knowing that they have a warm place for the night.
Play time.

Sunshine earlier in the week.


Stir fry with a LOT of finely chopped ginger!
Snuggle pups.
The revival of the tennis ball!

Just like old times!

Wasabi loves to play with Bravo's tail!

Sunrise on my early morning walk.
The babies are getting big!

Garlic ready to saute - really good recipe for Marinara sauce from NY Times after these photos...
Yes, by golly!  That's the foreman helping cook!

Simple, but so delicious: http://www.nytimes.com/recipes/1015987/marinara-sauce.html

The trio!
My birthday "week" continued with a visit from Karina and Claire!

Walking downtown with Snap - in the RAIN!
Checking out Copperfield's "year of the horse" display!

Coffee inside cozy Taylor Maid.

Umbrella time!

How the city of Sebastopol holds together crosswalk lights!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!