Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rain for the Last Week of March at the Lazy Vegan!

 I picked this iris out of the donkeys' pasture!

The Last week of March brought RAIN to the Lazy Vegan...yippee!  I loved hearing the sound of it on the roof in the middle of the night and suddenly the grass seems plentiful for the donkeys...I can tell because they won't hee-haw if I'm a bit late with dinner - they're too busy grazing!  Maybe we'll get lucky and get more rain in April!

Sending MORE good wishes to my Dad as he recovers from heart surgery!

 Luigi coming right for me - which is rare for him.  He usually isn't so bold!

Sometimes the donkeys will get "trapped" on other sides of the fence and they are so funny about it - lots of snorting and touching noses before they figure out how to get over to the other side via the open gate!

Out of focus photo of the foreman enjoying a yummy lunch in celebration of a recently closed escrow!
Of course we went to our favorite vegan restaurant!
Lunch dweebs!
Ran into my childhood (and adulthood!) friend, Jennie, at the Farmer's Market!

Love posing by this beautiful coyote in downtown Sebastopol!
Snap (a.k.a. my mama) and I have a lot of fun walking downtown on Sundays!  It is becoming a TRADITION!
Taking a rest from eating her salad.  She leaves her least favorite greens for last...just like a kid!

Cute squirrel gets a drink!

Mexican platter, complete with jicama.  YUM.
So cool...Karina's band, Lungs & Limbs, performed live on the radio!  Here I took a photo of the livestream video as they played.

Love how everything is blooming, even the cactus.
Coming back from my donkey chores to find my precious bun in the living room, ready to party!

One of my resolutions this year is to learn to identify birds.  This one, above, is Gertrude.
Ah...the weekly pose!  You'd think that we'd get bored of this routine, but Paco and I insist on taking a photo once a week.  I may eventually do a book of "weekly poses".  Since donkeys can live up to 50 years with good care, it may be a very thick book.
Lots of garlic makes this homemade marinara sauce extra delicious!
Toby and Wasabi are quite the pair.  Toby is never really sure how to behave around the rabbit.

The evening routine.
Spotted from the upstairs window...lounging donks!
More kumquats!  I kind of like them and I kind of don't...it is an acquired taste...sweet and tart!
Kumquat smoothie!
Soaking up sunshine earlier in the week.

I love how colorful vegetables are!
The transfer of the bun, otherwise known as "the bunny express"!
Milling about one morning.

I LOVE how Wasabi casually grooms right next to the dog.

In her upstairs playground, deciding what to do next!
Nap time!  Wasabi will actually sleep with her head completely down.  It is ADORABLE.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!