Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ready to Spring Forward at the Lazy Vegan!

Looking forward to more daylight hours in the evening soon here at the Lazy Vegan!  Winter always makes it hard to rush around doing animal chores before the dark settles in.  Everything is starting to bloom and thanks to the recent rain the grass is SO much greener...so it is starting to feel like a new season! Slow activity on the critter cam this week.  I have plans to put one camera deeper into the woods tomorrow - it is mating season for a lot of critters right now so they're bound to be out and about - am hoping for more bob cat sightings!
The dogs below and above are livestock guardian dogs - they protect the sheep up our road.  They're pretty amazing - out in the elements all the time (they only get fed once a day when the shepherd comes), herding and sleeping alongside the sheep.  The one above didn't bark when I took her photo but the other sure did!
Bravo and Toby would be quite shocked to live the LGD lifestyle.
Quality time with the donkeys!

Weegie gets into position for a butt scratch

Paco wasn't about to stay out of the photo.  Such a ham!

O.K., I know, I know...not EVERYONE shares my fascination with scat!  But I find it almost comical how certain critters (above could be a raccoon or fox) leave their mark purposely out in the center.  In this case, right smack in the middle of the road on my morning walk!

That donkey stare down.
The donkeys helped me overturn their feeder to let the rainwater drain.  This is a fun chore for them! Not as exciting for me.

That sweet grain pan has given the boys more entertainment than I ever thought possible!

Helping clean out the barn.  Paco demonstrates his very strong teeth by picking up the extremely heavy stall mat with his mouth!
After chores, it was time for dinner!
Dining at the freshly-cleaned out feeder with nice clean straw at their feet for mud absorption.  Call me odd, but it gives me a great feeling to have everything tidy for the boys.  For all the animals!
Wasabi was into the Academy Awards this year.  She particularly liked John Travolta's name flub.
During the dull moments of the Oscars, she helped herself to some hay.

Living room pals.
Early morning explorer bun!

Leaping back  into the kitchen while Toby looks on.
The five a.m. feeding of the donkeys...pretty dark!

Just about as relaxed as a rabbit could be.
Love the green grass coming up from the recent rain!

Brussel sprouts and potatoes ready to be roasted.

Mexican dinner with the daily kale!
More special time with the donks.

I love this bunny face!
And this canine!

The dogs headed to the donkeys to say hi (well, sort of).

Toby shared a cute moment with Paco.

More fun with the pan!

Paco kicking up his heels!

Another beautiful day for the donkeys to play.

The weekly pose!
Short video of riding in the foreman's new jeep!  Woo hoo!

The following are still photos from critter cam videos - some recent and some old.  I love the ability to turn some of the video moments into photographs.  My favorites are of the beautiful coyote!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!