Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring is in the Air at the Lazy Vegan!

Suddenly it is a different season at the Lazy Vegan...birds are out everywhere, the flowers are blooming and the flies are back (much to the donkeys' dismay) - and it is sandal weather!  Of course, we're still hoping for more rain...but for now everyone is enjoying the "open window" days!  Lots of jack rabbits on the critter cam this week.  It is also the time of year we see them hanging out in the meadow below.  Love the jack rabbits!  So much fun to hang out with Wasabi in the living room and look through the window to see her wild cousins out and about!
 It was dog bath time this week - along with a haircut for Toby!
 Oh, the dreaded bath...Bravo disappears as soon as he knows one is being readied for him!
 All lathered up!

Nothing like a CLEAN dog!

The donks check in with one another.
The kumquats are ripe and delicious!
Wasabi loves the fresh air.

Brilliant blue skies!
The weekly pose!

Trying to eat less gluten these days, so tried out this yummy brown rice pasta!
My friend Marion made me this super cool bracelet out of vintage buttons - there's even a RABBIT button!  I love it!
One of the many birds hanging out lately.

Every evening lately the jack rabbits hang out in the meadow.

Wasabi was thrilled to have her balcony back - it has been too cold to keep open until recently!

Taking the bun downstairs!

The foreman and I tried out a new vegan AND gluten-free restaurant in town, Lydia's...we had an excellent lunch except that I spent the rest of day burping up my raw burger (weird spice, perhaps?)!

The restaurant is inside an old train - pretty fun.
With old, old Toby.

I love it when Toby does this with his paw as he sleeps!

Time to brush the donkeys to help them shed.
Rabbit kisses!

Part of the crew!

The foreman's salad in the big bowl and mine on the plate.
I love how the water feature reflects!
The after dinner routine.

Hopping and doing binkies right in front of old Toby!

Explorer bun!
Wasabi LOVES to check out Bravo's tail, especially when it is wagging!

Oh, that face!
And this face!

So much fun at my annual (belated) birthday lunch with Marion - our birthdays are days apart!
Lunch at Slice of Life where we ordered the same thing!

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to Sparky Tomashefsky!  Check out her blog! (Link on right hand side of this blog).

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! 
 Featuring a lot of jack rabbits...