Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcoming March with a Little Bit of Rain at the Lazy Vegan!

Here we are in March at the Lazy Vegan and we're hoping that it rains as much as it possibly can this month!  We had a bit of rain this week with more in the forecast. It is great to see GREEN grass coming up in places where there was just dirt!  Woo hoo!  In other news this week, beautiful bobcat appears on the critter cam - don't miss the video!  I did some internet research on the big cat and found out a lot of cool facts, including that this is mating season - so am hoping that the elusive feline will show up again!  I got a still photo of the cat and of a coyote, too.  LOVE the wildlife!

 Rainy day coyote!
 Beautiful (and BIG) bobcat!
Explanation of above photo: Wasabi sometimes likes to nibble on the door wood, especially when she "hides" behind the drape!  So when I caught her in the act, I put the drapes aside, much to her annoyance!

Simple dinner one night:  eggplant sandwich, carrot & ginger juice and a kale salad!
Toby likes to try to fit into Wasabi's "kissing booth" - but he just gets stuck!

Striking a pose with the rabbit...
And trying with Toby...

Paco helps himself to a drink.
Weegie loves to scratch himself on the bench!

Amazing Central Park photos taken by my stepsister, Jackie!  They look like paintings!

The foreman is still enjoying his new Jeep!

Especially the music selections!

Being a bunny - in her magic dream cottage!

You can't really tell from these photos, but Bravo followed me out in the pouring rain to scrounge for donkey hoof trimmings from the last farrier visit!

All the outdoor donkey chores take longer in the rain, but I don't mind!
 Luigi dries off.

 Green grass for grazing!

 Bravo, 5:00 a.m. sharp.
 Helping me with some early morning computer work!

Spending some quality time with the wonderful equine!

 I love it when Luigi gets his funny "snarky" expression!

 Weekly pose, take one...too much wind!

Suddenly, everything is blooming.

Weekly pose second attempt - with daffodils that Paco is trying to eat!
So I put the flowers on his head where he couldn't reach them!

My sister's adorable JRT, Sparky - drying off after her bath!

 Found this classic photo while going through old ones...the crew out for a walk - all three dogs (Solo!) with Boulder the cat in the lead!

Coming home from my morning walk to find an adorable rabbit in the living room!
More newborns...love the little lambs!

ADORABLE lamb video!

Silly Toby Video!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - featuring a beautiful bobcat!