Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Little More Much Needed Rain, Increased Critter Cam Activity and Time to Plant the Vegetable Garden at the Lazy Vegan!

The critters are out in high numbers here at the Lazy Vegan this week!  So many videos from the critter cam that it was hard to keep up.  I didn't even bother to save most of them - lots of foxes roaming about and amazing footage of a bobcat followed by a fox - never seen anything like that before! I've watched it repeatedly and love the body language of both animals - I've never seen a fox hold his tail down on video before.  Check it out at the bottom of this post!  In other news, it is planting time!  Which means that the foreman is designing a perfect vegetable patch as only he can do - rows of different varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, and more! We had more rain this week - great way to end April!

So much fun to see four young jack rabbits playing together this morning - they stopped and did their frozen poses and even allowed me to take a short video with my iPhone:

We were lucky that PG & E agreed to cut down a huge tree that threatened to fall near power lines at the base of our driveway - they hauled off most of the debris but left some good firewood for us!
OMG!!  The livestock guardian dogs at the top of our road have been replaced with a livestock guardian llama!  Can't wait to get closer for better photos some day soon!
 Donkeys heading into the corral for breakfast, 5:20 a.m.!
 Dawn at the Lazy Vegan!

 Wasabi tries to "engage" Toby but he pretty much is oblivious to her these days...

 She even hops underneath him to get to the other side!
 Bun on the run!
 Curious bun.

Enough with the photos!

The foreman gets some extra help moving seasoned manure from the old pile!

Great helpers!
And so begins the start of the veggie garden...foreman style, which means the rows will be made perfectly!
More work to gather the fertilizer.  Luigi stands guard!

Posing in the garden!

I love it when the donkeys rest their heads on one another.

Salad time!

Plants for the garden!

First bloom on the Matilija poppy plant.

 Turkey hanging out with deer...so cute.

 After getting a drink from the water feature, cute squirrel scopes out his next move.

 Planting time!
 The donkeys love garden time - they usually come hang out and watch the foreman work.

 After I cleaned out the barn, Paco waltzed right in to do his biz...and I shooed him out!  So he peed outdoors, instead.  Which is where I wish he would go all the time!!
 Peeking through the grapevine to see the foreman!
 Since we expanded the boys' pasture area last year I am thrilled to see that a lot more grass is growing - no doubt because they give part of the pasture a rest from grazing.

Wasabi and Toby again!


Woo hoo, celebration lunch time again - when we close an escrow, we go out to our favorite vegan restaurant!
The foreman finishes off my lunch!
Fun visit from Paul earlier in the week!

Toby shows off his traction socks to Paul!

My latest food obsession:  kale with shallots and lemon juice.  So delicious!
The donkeys have such beautiful eyes!
The lavender is going crazy right now.
Best buds.

The weekly pose!

Sometimes I really want to know what goes on in this terrier mind!
Adorable rabbit legs!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week 
- featuring a bobcat followed by a fox!
(Best watched in "large screen" mode).