Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy (HOPPY!!) Early Easter and More at the Lazy Vegan!

HOPPY Easter (a day early) from everyone here at the Lazy Vegan to everyone not at the Lazy Vegan! We had a fun plastic egg hunt with Wasabi pushing eggs around with her nose while grunting...should have taken a video of that action but was too busy setting up the "photo shoot" instead!  Bravo gladly donned rabbit ears but they just fell off of Toby.  And the donkeys were unenthused...Luigi didn't want anything to do with dressing up (as is his way now really for all the holidays) and even ran around in the pasture with them on to show me his discontent...and it was pretty darn hard to catch up with him to take them off (which would have been another great video...)!  In other non-holiday news, we had a fun belated birthday celebration & lunch for my sister - photos on this blog post!  

EASTER DAY additional photos - from walking downtown with Snap, wearing our EARS!  HOPPY EASTER!!

The crew, ready for holiday action!

Shoving those eggs around!

Wasabi was definitely into the eggs, the basket and the whole deal!

Reluctant donks!

Luigi ready to race around the pasture.
Paco poses!

Toby taking a break while out on a walk.
The donks head in for dinner.
Still loving all the lizards!

The weekly pose...in neon!

Definitely got that old-dog look lately.  Sixteen years at the end of this month!
One morning - like so many mornings - we looked out our kitchen window to see turkeys on display!

And geese!

The foreman headed uphill.

The first burn pile of the season...always a lot of fun.

Weegie watches the fire from the safety of the corral.
After breakfast, Wasabi likes to start on her first lounging session of the day!

Fun downtown Sebastopol with Snap - great marching band went through the Farmer's Market!

Snap asked a fellow patron to take our photo while having coffee at Taylor Maid.

WHO could resist taking a photo of this doorway frame just sitting around near Main Street?!

Love this stairway!

Fun, fun, fun!  All the following photos are from Grandma Snap's house, where we gathered for a yummy lunch and belated birthday celebration for Patty - as well as an early "egg hunt" for Easter!  Sparky was the hit of the party with her interesting canine antics (she makes Bravo look almost mild)!  Happy belated birthday, Patty!  Happy early Easter to all!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!