Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sunshine, Rain, Hail and the Great Horned Owl at the Lazy Vegan!

Wild weather this week with beautiful days mixed in with rainy (even hail!) ones!  We celebrated the 12th anniversary of living here at the Lazy Vegan - and on the same day I spotted, for the first time since we moved in, a Great Horned owl!  I was walking the dogs at dusk when I saw a bird with a huge wingspan fly overhead and land in an oak tree.  I was stunned to see what an enormous bird the owl was - and so disappointed that I didn't have my camera with me!  By the time I returned with one, the owl was wisely (because they ARE wise!) gone.  Very few critters caught on the critter cam this week; they were probably all hunkering down inside their cozy nests and dens to avoid the weather...but I soon expect to see babies of all kinds - because 'tis the season!
The canine brothers resting.

NOT my photo - but looks very much like the owl I spotted!
Wasabi is always ready to play in the morning while the dogs are ready for their first nap of the day!
I love it when Wasabi seeks out her little quilt to rest on!
A snack:  shallots and kale & red pepper with rye bread (and vegan butter!).  Yum, yum.

 Fun walking downtown with Snap and stopping at our favorite mural!

OMG, HAIL!  I actually got caught in this on my way home from my morning walk!

The yard white with hail.
More lounging.
And grooming.

The donkeys eat in their "dining shelter" when it rains - which unfortunately doesn't quite cover their large behinds!
You can see how comfortable Wasabi is with her canine brothers...doesn't flinch as they pass by!

Weegie and his shadow.

Toby checks something out.  Despite his lack of hearing, he still seems to be alert to the outside world.
Ready for a cloud burst!
The evening routine.

Ran into Karina at the post office - woo hoo!  I rarely see her these days since she's busy with her band and work - so much fun to chat a while (and take this photo)!

The weekly pose!  Check out Paco's dirty snout!

Quality time in the sunshine.

I love the way Luigi looks at the foreman!
True to form, Luigi presents the camera with his behind!

And on another day, time to go walking!
The boys love getting their halters on when it isn't for the vet or the farrier!
Exploring the water feature, which is still novel to them.

They have a lot of fun and especially like the green grass!
Lizards are everywhere right now - even the babies, which are so tiny and fast - hard to photograph.
Ready for anything.

This turkey was just ahead of me on the path.
Time for fresh pine shavings!  When it rains I always have to put in extra since the boys spend a lot of time in the barn.

Of course, Luigi had to mark his spot as soon as I was done - he always does this!
Rainy day donkey visit.

Luigi's special look again - he seems to reserve this for the foreman!
Silly boy!

Another silly donk!
Just ANOTHER lounging opportunity.

Bravo on patrol.

Is it nap time again?

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!