Saturday, April 12, 2014

Toby Gets Old Dog "Traction Socks", The Annual Return of Mower Man and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Poor old Toby has reached the point in his little terrier life where he needs a little assistance with, well, just about everything - from elimination to eating to being able to pull himself up.  So I was pretty excited when I spotted "traction socks" at the pet store the other day.  Not only are the little striped canine socks ADORABLE, they actually work - Toby is able to get a better grip on the hardwood floors!  Don't miss the traction sock video at the bottom of this post!

Suddenly, and seemingly overnight, the grass that we had hoped would grow despite the drought is in need of a haircut - hence, the annual return of mower man!  The foreman charged up the old rider mower and, thankfully, it actually turned on without needing any repair.  Of course, the donkeys eat most of the grass on the property - but the areas that aren't fenced need maintenance, and mower man seems to enjoy the task! Lots of fox videos lately - so many, in fact, that I've just posted a few on this week's blog.  My favorite scraggly coyote made an appearance as well!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to my sister, Patty!! Looking forward to more birthday celebrating when she visits next weekend!

And happy birthday wishes also this week to my brother, Dan - 
I hope he had a big party up in Heaven!

 An explanation of these classic Bravo photos:  he loves to steal Wasabi's little wooden chew sticks, and he knows he's not supposed to...so he'll quite slyly sit near her area and wait until he can make his move - and then will charge off with one or more in his mouth!

 Ho, hum...pretending to be the innocent...
 Inching closer to the chew stick stash.
 Keeping one eye on his goal!
 The foreman took this photo because he apparently thought it was funny that I was choosing a dog bed to sit in to try out a little combo meditation/sunbathing...the hilarious thing is that I really didn't even pay attention to the fact I was sitting in a dog bed!  I'm not sure what that says about me.  But it was quite comfy!
 So much fun hanging out with the bun.

 OMG, is this not the cutest thing EVER?  The package had four socks but I only put two on his front paws, where he needs the most help.
 In my opinion, colored stripes improves everything!
 The weekly pose!
 Yay for green, green grass!

 Paco bringing me the empty sweet grain pan.

 Beautiful clouds this week!

 Plenty to graze on.
 And here he comes:  mower man!

 More sock photos.

 Obviously I think this is worth many photos.

 The evening routine!
 Sending out the last calls before nightfall.
 Everything is blooming and growing!
 The rabbit is a bit put-out by something.
 Toby pre-traction socks - notice how he sometimes stands funny - part of this is due to a large (benign) lump near his leg, and I also think his stance provides him with more balance.

 It is hard to deny this rabbit's silent requests for anything!

 Sitting with the old pooch.

 Ah, togetherness!

So much fun to visit with Karina when she stopped by our office this week!
More togetherness.

We love spending time with the donkeys.

Periodically, the foreman attempts to ride the donks...so far, no luck!

Dust bath time.  Video at bottom of this post.

Snap and I saw these adorable rabbits for adoption in Sebastopol!

Stopping to smell the lilacs!
Beautiful bright orange flowers.

Siesta time.

The donks tend to kind of nap standing up, too.

Love all the lizards...so many these days that as soon as you walk down a path you can see and hear them scuttle away!

Love the blue necks.
Asparagus with cannellini beans and tomatoes.
Plus, my new table runner that I bought with Snap at one of our favorite stores in Sebastopol called Cultivate.
On the first really hot day I may take a dip in the water feature!

Wasabi gets comfy in the living room.
And upstairs, by the balcony!
And on the balcony!
Really, there are no lack of places for this bunny to get comfortable.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!  
Also, Toby in Traction Socks!