Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Visit from the Farrier, Fresh Hay Delivered & Lots of Critter Activity at the Lazy Vegan!

Hard to believe it is almost June at the Lazy Vegan!  As we get more hot days I am starting to really appreciate the water feature - great for dipping in!  This week the donkeys got a visit from the farrier to trim their hooves; always almost a "spa day" for them since they also get a long brush-down as we wait for the farrier to arrive! And a walk beforehand, which they love.  Next week it is time for a vet visit for their West Nile shots - oh, boy!  Never a dull moment for anyone (or our pocketbook)! 

Fresh hay was also delivered this week - woo hoo!  Hay prices have skyrocketed, so I wanted to make sure I got decent bales for the donkeys and rabbit - so I did what any obnoxious customer would do:  I went to preview and individually sniff different bales of orchard grass hay, which then lead to a ridiculous sneezing session! 

In other news, the critters are out and about in full Springtime force - I love seeing the Mama Turkey out with her babies - don't know how she possibly can keep all of them safe.  And the bobcat came around after weeks of no sightings...plus the usual foxes, coyotes, raccoons, jack rabbits and more!  

 Hawk hanging out.

Nothing like having the cabin filled with fresh hay!

My hay receipt ...love the remarks!

Butterflies everywhere.

Fly spray on a towel!
Peek-a-boo Paco!

Wasabi communicates a lot with her ears.
Bravo loves to try to eat donkey manure and it is nearly impossible to get him to drop a piece after he's "scored" some...after I snapped this photo, I tried unsuccessfully to dislodge it with a stick - then bribed him with a better treat...neither attempt worked.  Then I spotted the hose!  Turned it on and and gave him a quick spray in the face and viola:  out popped the poop!

More fly spray time.  The only way I can really get it on Luigi is to apply it to a towel first.

Just your classic JRT wrecking the furniture again!

Meditative bunny.
One of the many evening routines!
Airing out the bedroom while the foreman maintains the landscape.

Who says vegans can't have an all-American meal?! Super good garden burger with the works!
Balcony bunny!
Time to worm the donkeys!  I hide the worming paste in small pieces of bread which they gobble up!

Paco now thinks it is a game when the foreman attempts to ride him.  And Paco always wins!
A visit from Claire this week - yay!

Wasabi loves to play with Toby's tail!

No, I didn't mow.  That's a job for Mower Man!

Bravo loves attention from Claire!
Headed off with a bag of kumquats!

Getting ready for the farrier on a foggy morning.

First, a pre-farrier walk!

We adore our farrier even if the donks are less than thrilled with his visits!
The weekly pose!  Paco is nibbling my shoulder a bit here.
There's a reason this flowering bush is known as the butterfly plant!

On another night, a visit from Karina!  Yay!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - Mama Turkey with Babies, a Bobcat, Coyotes, Raccoon & Foxes and More!