Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Heat Wave, a Full Moon and a Fox Speaks at the Lazy Vegan!

 SO hot here at the Lazy Vegan this week!  I used all my usual tricks to keep the interior of the house as cool as possible, keeping every window wide open all night long...although the night sounds, along with a full moon, had the animals all up at odd hours - especially Bravo, who was ready to charge into the day around 4:00 a.m. for several days in a row!  For the first time ever, a fox made a vocalization on video!  I've listened to it several times and compared it to other fox sounds on the internet.  Turns out that foxes have quite the language - and it isn't exactly "barking" like one might think.  The foxes have been everywhere and many showed up on the camera hanging out close to the house...I think they're out searching for food for their young right now and that's why so many pairs of foxes are showing up...one even left some scat on Solo's grave! I've posted the "speaking fox" video below and it appears again in the weekly list of videos at the bottom!

 Quality time with the donks on a beautiful blue sky day.

 The donkeys LOVE this attention!

 The foreman's attempt to "ride" Paco!

 Weegie seeks shade.
 Along with the heat comes flies - so it is time for fly spray application!  The boys don't like the sound of the sprayer, so I have to put it on a towel first and apply it that way.  It is all natural, of course...a product that doesn't test on animals!  But it does keep the flies away...they don't like the smell.

The weekly pose!  Maybe I'll do a book out of these some day...especially since donkeys live so long...I'll be posing with Paco well into my eighties!
Deck time for the bunny.

Bedtime - Wasabi manages to have a bunny playground in every room of the house!

 Yep, that's fox scat neatly tucked in between the rocks of Solo's grave.

 This time of year I get obsessed with the beautiful cactus blooms!

Very exciting:  a new "burl wood" dash for my Beetle!

One of my hot day tricks - ice in the animals' water bowls!
And the frozen water bottle for Wasabi.
Dinner time.
Luckily we always get a nice breeze in the early evening and I open everything up to let it in!

The main source of Bravo's sleep disruption!

More blooming...

If I could paint, I would definitely chose these flowers for a subject!

Wasabi on "heat" mode of my photo edit program.  Colorful!

Hanging out.

We call this pose the "super hero" and it never fails to make me laugh...so ridiculous looking!

Toby loves getting fresh air on the terrace.

Dust bath time!

Left the French doors open to cool down the house, too.

Bravo walked right by this lizard clinging sideways to the terrace and didn't notice him!
Hard to imagine the yard without the pergola now!

Turkeys invade!

Sweet old Toby.
REALLY relaxed rabbit!
Very odd cloud formations.
Late one evening...
...and super early one morning!

Almost didn't see this cute little bird in the rosemary.
The trio doing what they do best.

Interesting cloud seems to imitate the roof of the pergola.
Passion flower!
Double pets.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!

The video below is of a feral cat we've never seen before - and he/she looks an awful lot like Boulder!

Towards the end of the video below, fox makes strange whistle/chirp noise - the first time I've ever heard vocalization from a fox on the camera before!