Saturday, May 3, 2014

Toby Turns Sixteen, Ramona's Celebration of Life and More at the Lazy Vegan!

My sweet, somewhat batty but adorable Toby turned sixteen this week!  We celebrated with a fire hydrant dog cookie (so cute)!  I think there's life left yet in the little old canine...he still bounces around and is enthusiastic even though he needs help with a lot of things!  Today was Ramona's Celebration of Life at the beach - photos toward the end of this post.  My mom did a great job organizing a perfect tribute! And, lastly, not as many critters on the critter cam this week (hard to top last week's bobcat followed by a fox!) - although one of my favorite coyotes made an appearance!
The fire hydrant cookie!

 Nap time!

 There's nothing like being next to a napping donkey.

Mower Man!
Bravo out on a leash-free stroll!
The bedtime routine!
Hot enough this week for the frozen water bottle routine!

Love colorful salads!
In our new Williams-Sonoma pasta bowls - which we are using for every meal!
The trio out and about.

Jack Rabbit duo at dusk.

I'm pretty sure this is a Rufous Sided Towhee.  Otherwise, his name is Ralph.

The pre-dinner stare downs!
Happened to spot this lizard in one of the olive trees!
The weekly pose!

Breakfast, 5:00 a.m.
Finishing off the rest of her morning pellets!
Morning light.

Lounging time.
Snap with Sebastopol's Big Apple!
And me.

The following photos are from Ramona's Celebration of Life at the beach - my mom arranged a perfect ceremonial event with friends and relatives and food!  And Ramona was "sprinkled" back to the Earth - in the exact place that she had written where she wanted her remains to go...an absolutely beautiful spot! 
God Speed, Ramona!

 Ramona's 94-year-old cousin opted to stay at the trail head - too far to walk!

 Beautiful day for a beach outing.

 My mom created a perfect altar.  I added lavender from our property.

 I have to get to the beach more often - so amazed by the beauty there!

 Even a program, with wonderful parting words.

Video (by Kim!)  of Snap reading part of program:

 Ramona's instructions, in her own writing,  for the release of her cremains.

 Back to the earth - which is what she would have approved of.

 The "sprinkling", or "scattering"...

 Ramona's neighbor, Sandy, brought along rose petals - a nice touch!

 Kim balancing to take a photo.

 Really nice to meet some of Ramona's relatives!!

 Back to Earth, Back to Sea.


 Super kudos to my mom for taking care of all of Ramona's affairs in the last months of her life!


The following photos are from Kim:

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!