Saturday, June 28, 2014

Goodbye June...here Comes July at the Lazy Vegan!

We had a bit of hot weather in this last week of June with more predicted for the first week of July...so all cooling measures are being taken!  Saw an adorable little frog for a few evenings in a row getting a drink from the dogs' water bowl out on the deck - and the birds have been loving the fountains in the water feature! More critters out lately, too - although, unfortunately due to human error (the human being myself), not many videos - when swapping out memory cards I forgot to turn two of the cameras back on, so they sat up on the hillside turned off for most of the week.  Bummer! But I did get a few of a raccoon making the rounds again - haven't seen one in a while!

Enjoying the fresh air out on the deck.

Queen of the living room.
The x-pen gates work great for adding protection at the French doors while letting the breeze in!

Bravo is hoping that as long as he keeps posing, there will be something in it for him!

Silly Toby.
Goofy Bravo.
Hanging out with all of her various boxes!

Double doors open for extra air!
Caught!  The foreman enjoying a soak in the hot tub while reading.
Batty old dog.
Bravo is working on a manual for Jack Russell terriers - this is Chapter 4:  how to properly and permanently reshape the couch cushions.

And how to flatten the pillows, too!
LEAP into the kitchen!
Straight from the garden...

...with dinner!

Snapshot of Toby.
One evening the foreman's hand appeared at the door, holding a bouquet!

Hand-picked from the yard!
Sitting on the water feature.  Stay tuned for perhaps some small fish...
While cleaning the deck, I stacked the dog beds...and Toby immediately climbed on up!
Blurred - but fun -  lunch out to celebrate a closed escrow!

As Bravo continues his couch cushion flattening project, the rabbit lounges in the evening.
Quality time with donks!

I did my best to keep my white top white!

Big stretch!

With my beautiful trio.  There is a possibility that a cat will be arriving at the Lazy Vegan.  More on that in the days to come.

 Catching up on dreamland whenever he can!
Carrot, celery, green apple, lemon and ginger juice...YUM!
 I love stopping to talk to the lizards.  Sometimes they'll stay still and turn their heads from side to side.  Adorable!
 Weegie after a dust bath.

 Ready to play!

The weekly pose!  We were trying for a "far-away look" here.  It took several tries.  Paco kept nibbling my shoulder!

Young jack rabbit.
Weegie guards the lower pasture.

Paco prepares for a dust bath - lots of dust!!

Grooming time - herself and then "Buddy"!

OMG!  First tomato from the garden!  Delicious!

More of the same evening routine.  We start out in the living room most days, then may end upstairs to watch some t.v. with the bun-bun!

The cute frog who has been drinking out of the dogs' bowl outside.

SOOOOOOOOOOO cute.  Those eyes!

Posing with the pups.  Hair does get in the way!

Two birds hanging out on the water feature.

This is a silver bowl full of hawk feathers, found the morning after a tremendous amount of squawking was going on back and forth between what we believe were a few red-shouldered hawks - too dark to tell.  It went on for hours.  I'm hoping that one just lost a bunch of feathers but remained alive!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!