Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Hot Tub is Back, a Brand New Bedroom Window and a Dramatic Visit from Cal Fire at the Lazy Vegan!

A lot going on this week at the Lazy Vegan...including firing up the old hot tub and an unexpected helicopter visit from Cal Fire, as it whirred back and forth over our house to the neighboring vineyard pond to retrieve water for a fire nearby.  Such excitement - and loud!  The donkeys charged around each time it flew over, the rabbit thumped and the dogs smudged the windows with their noses to get a better view.  Meanwhile, the foreman and I documented the event with our own cameras (he videotaped).  It isn't every day a big helicopter whizzes by over and over again!  In other news, without boring the blog reader with the tedious details, a new window is coming for the bedroom.  WOO HOO!!!!  As much as I love our bedroom, the design of two French doors and no window doesn't work for me, especially since our precious rabbit sleeps in our room at night and we can't open the doors for fresh air.  We contemplated putting on retractable screens, but I really just wanted a WINDOW.  So the foreman, a.k.a. hero-of-the-week, ordered a custom one that will arrive some time in July and got to work cutting out the wall where it will go...right by my side of the bed, so I can get my fill of all the breezes that I want!  And then he can get on with the project he really wants to be working on, which is building an outdoor shower!

Sending lots of get-well wishes and love to my nephew's girlfriend, Mo, fighting an infection in a hospital in Boston as I type this - hopefully she will be on the mend soon!

That funny looking orange thing was filled with water, over and over...at first it didn't look like it would hold a lot, but as we got a closer view it is actually pretty big.
I love the sound of helicopters.

Two videos - play with sound!

Over the pergola!

Going to scoop up more water.


Bravo had to hop up on the kitchen table to peer out for a better view!

Clearly we had nothing better to do than snap away...

The donkeys weren't that thrilled with the noise and commotion.
Sleepy morning.

It's that time of year when some of the young deer branch off by themselves.

Deck bunny!

Bravo has been hanging out with Wasabi a lot lately.

Weegie peering through the wild mustard!
The weekly pose!
Dining out to celebrate a closed escrow!  We ordered the exact same thing at a raw & vegan restaurant.

OMG, gluten-free & vegan zucchini chocolate chip cookies!

More togetherness.

I call this the "hop to Pop" - Wasabi hops over to Randy's side of the bed every night for extra attention!
The equine nap time!

Fun, fun, fun!  The hot tub, out of commission for a couple of years now, is back - thanks to the foreman's handy fix-it abilities!  The idea now is for the foreman to build an outdoor shower nearby.

Pretty nice soaking while taking in the view!

And bird watching at the same time!
A mock-up of where the window (which will look different) will go...
I'm really excited about this.  Love FRESH AIR!

Stay tuned for the whole project - although since we have to wait for the custom window to arrive, it may take a while.
That silly pair again.

It is good that they're hanging out more for the day when Toby finally leaves us for his next adventure (which I'm hoping won't be any time soon - although the little old guy has some tough days).

One very relaxed rabbit on the balcony.

Staying hydrated!
Visiting the donkeys at dusk.
So cute - Paco brought me his empty pan to play with!

Luigi loves to jump up for leaves!

Balcony at night.  We are always right nearby, just in case an owl thinks it can come around.
How I start most mornings - off to feed the donkeys in the dark!
Doubling up on my greens lately.  Love chard as a snack!
The girls came to cook a belated Father's Day dinner for the foreman - so much fun!

Wasabi loved having company.

Toby gets a hug!

Yummy portobello mushroom burgers!

One of Claire's many beautifully-crafted pieces of jewelry!

Claire reads Grandma Julie's "last" poem.

Got to hear two of Karina's new songs (on CD) - awesome!  http://www.lungsandlimbs.com/

Claire and Karina took photos of me with my "crew"!

Checking out some of the old artifacts...

Basil from the garden!
Dragonfly that had to be rescued from the window seat.
So unusual for Toby to nab the towel basket for a nap!

More lounging around!

Love this batty old dog!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - less than usual due to cameras malfunctioning and an animal (most likely a fox) knocking one over!