Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Vet Visits the Donkeys, The Bunny Enjoys the Breeze on the Balcony, Close View of the Llama and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Finally all caught up with some animal maintenance (for a while) here at the Lazy Vegan...including the donkeys' annual West Nile shots - our wonderful vet administered those so fast that I couldn't get a photo (although Paco did do a rodeo routine in the barn before he was able to give him a shot in the neck - but I was too busy holding Luigi's lead rope to document anything!).  The boys handled it pretty well but are happy to be done with shots until the Fall, when they get their rabies immunizations!  

Wasabi has been loving the warm evenings spent on the balcony these days.  She'll demonstrate her happiness by rolling over and remaining there until we acknowledge her - super silly!

Critters this week in full force - too many videos to post them all!  The foxes are still dominating.  One fox in particular really tried to take one of the cameras off of a tree!

Congratulations to Anthony for graduating from high school - woo hoo!  Watch out world, here he comes!

I rarely see the llama this close to the fence - happened to drive by when he/she was right there.  So cute!


We call this the "bunny transfer"!  Off she goes to watch t.v. and hang out on the upstairs balcony!
Sometimes the grass really IS greener on the other side!
An interesting thing I've noticed about scat lately.  The pile above most likely belongs to a fox (hard for me to tell the difference sometimes between fox scat and raccoon scat).  I keep finding little piles next to holes where likely rodents or snakes live...and am just wondering why!

Snap shows off her squash, which is growing nicely in her backyard!

Hanging out in the barn during the day to get away from the flies.
Choices - play inside or go out on the balcony!

 The handy foreman replaced the mower blades.
 Off to mow with new blades!

Paco after getting his eyes cleaned from gunk that attracts flies!
Love how some of the lizards have beautiful blue specks that shine in the sun.

Getting ready for the vet visit!

Walk beforehand.

Suddenly, Luigi veered off course and did a little rock climbing!

And Paco followed suit.
Banana treat time for the bunny while the pup watches!

Transfer time again!
Heading down to the living room on another night for yet another banana treat.  Banana treats (tiny, tiny piece) are given out daily around 6:30 p.m. - and if I'm late, Wasabi will let me know by circling around!

Love the faces on these two...

The "super hero" flop!
It is exhausting work ruining the couch cushions!

Five a.m. fog.

Toby makes it up two steps.


This dog can nap anywhere!
Ready for the day!

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