Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wasabi's "Spa Day", a Fox Screams & Happy Flag Day at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Flag day!  Ever since the foreman put up a flag holder years ago it has been fun putting one up to honor certain holidays...although when it is windy, the sight of something moving around at the window when I'm indoors always startles me!

Wasabi had her "spa day" this week - which means I had to drive her to the vet at the Humane Society to get her nails trimmed.  I take her there for her nail trims every few months but to the rabbit specialist in another town for more complicated visits.  She was not a happy camper, but this time I was able to go with her and snap a photo!  Now all the animals are really "up to date" for at least another month...

Was thrilled to finally capture the elusive fox scream on one of the critter cams this week.  We've been hearing the somewhat eerie noise for years and only recently identified it as being from a fox.  Check out the first video in the line-up below - no visual of a fox, but one was certainly nearby, screaming three times!

HAPPY EARLY FATHER'S DAY to my dad!  And to the foreman and my brother-in-laws and step-brother and EVERY dad around!
A deer blends right in.

Toby got a haircut AND a bath.  Bravo pretty much made himself scarce during this event.  He was in disbelief when I decided not to bathe him, too!
Fluffy clean!
It is amazing how much fur I trim off every few months.

Luigi's siesta time.
Donks heading my way!
I spent a long time with the donkeys today, brushing them and putting on fly spray and just hanging out.  It is hard to describe the feeling of just hanging out with the donkeys - but I always leave the pasture feeling relaxed and content!

Silly Weegie.
Everything is still blooming!

Birds everywhere.  One of my co-workers discovered an awesome bird cam - check out this amazing 24/7 video of bluebirds hatching!
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Bubbles in the water feature at dusk.
Bravo goes with me to put out a critter cam at nightfall...on leash!
Selfie with Bravo.
Bravo gets cozy on top of the furniture...

...while miles away, his cousin Sparky does the same!!
The evening crew.

Bravo's way of relaxing and keeping watch at the same time!

The bunny transfer!

In her carrier in the car riding to the vet!
Nail trim time!  Love the vet techs.  The woman holding Wasabi "sweet-talked" to her the whole time.  Wasabi gave out one giant kick at the end, but the tech had a firm hold on her!


Hot, hot evening - with doors open for extra breezes, and frozen water bottle out for the bunny!

Love having French doors to let even more air in.

Toby really cannot tolerate the heat these days.
Queen of the kitchen!

Bravo gets attention from the foreman.

Paco makes his way past the cactus.
The weekly pose!

Lizard sunbathes.
Old little Toby.
Upstairs kicking back watching some t.v.!
Lately Toby follows me everywhere - and then will plop himself down in the center of a room.  He's getting a lot of extra love and care these days!
Drum roll:  first zukes from the garden!

Volunteers in the donkeys' pasture.
View from pergola.  Hard to imagine not having the pergola and water feature!
Just another "flop out".
Prelude to play time.

That's body language for time to play!
So excited to see the fog roll in to keep most of the week cooler.
Love the yellow in the yard right now!
The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
(Featuring the screaming fox)
Play with SOUND ON!