Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Beautiful Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk, Happy Birthday to Karina, Some Critter Cam Malfunctioning Issues & Boycott Whole Foods for Selling Rabbit Meat!!!

Another week has flown by at the Lazy Vegan!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph a beautiful young red-shouldered hawk (first pointed out by the sharp-eyed foreman).  I have been hearing hawks calling back and forth to one another endlessly for the past week and once I saw this young one figured it must be for territorial reasons (they make a LOT of noise!).  I've also noticed a group of ravens this week having some kind of convention on the pine tree while helping themselves to the donkeys' automatic waterer - a combo drinking hole and bird bath!  

We had a nice dinner celebration in honor of Karina's 29th birthday!  Here's to a great final year in her twenties!  

In other news, three of my four critter cams are malfunctioning and I cannot figure out why - so off to buy more memory cards and batteries to do some troubleshooting.  I put one out in the living room to see if the dogs would set it off at night and did get one funny clip of Bravo waking up in the wee hours of the morning doing a canine yoga routine!

Beyond dismayed to learn that Whole Foods is trying out a pilot program in Northern California to sell RABBIT MEAT.  This is incredibly disturbing for many reasons.  Rabbits are the third most popular animal companion, right behind dogs and cats.  There are no humane slaughter laws for rabbits.  Whole Foods won't sell products that are tested on animals (which mean mainly on rabbits) but are trying out selling rabbit meat - which makes no sense.  Also, thousands of "bunny people", myself included, spend a ton of money buying greens at Whole Foods for their rabbit companions - the poster below spells out the math.  I will be boycotting Whole Foods (and I spend a great deal of money there!) until they remove rabbit meat from their offerings!!  There are protests going on today in Washington, D.C. and in San Francisco, with local protests upcoming.  
Image courtesy @FidelRabbit

A detailed explanation for boycotting Whole Foods for their "pilot program" of selling rabbit meat can be found at the Save-A-Bunny website: www.saveabunny.org     More info can also be found at the House Rabbit Society website:  www.rabbit.org 


Loved being able to snap away photos of this beautiful hawk!
Fuzzy little head.
Vocal, too!

Finally got tired of being a model!
One of the large ravens helping himself to the donkeys' water.
Bravo sitting properly on the couch.
And sitting improperly!
The morning crew.
Time to groom!

The tomatoes are slowly getting ripe!

Unusual rainbow without the rain.

Decided to wait till dawn to retrieve a critter cam!
Some amazing sunsets this week!

Luigi lets me know that dinner time is nearing...

The following photos are from Karina's birthday dinner celebration!

The foreman with his early birthday gift - a Kindle!

Paco stays alert.

Lounging time.

 A fawn pops up by the water feature.

 Love the fawns!

 It is so funny to watch Bravo and Wasabi together.  How could one of them be a meal and the other not?  It makes no sense.

 With part of the crew!

Enjoying his new Kindle!  Turns out you can get many books for free from the library.  Pretty cool.
 I am still enjoying watching "Little G", the orphaned baby rhino, on the live camera in his "bedroom".  Above he hangs out with his friend the sheep.  Check it out!  www.africam.com
 All the passion flowers are in bloom.

The weekly pose!
 Dramatic clouds one evening, and drizzle the next day!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!