Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Fourth of July, a New Omega Juicer and More at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!  It has been a fun holiday so far (it ain't over yet!) - started the week off with a bang by purchasing a new Omega juicer!  Very exciting - this one handles greens like kale perfectly (my old juicer doesn't).  I have been coming up with all kinds of green drink concoctions - all yummy and super healthy!  We already eat a lot of greens, but sometimes I just want a nutritious drink without all the chomping involved in eating!  

The animals were all very patient about posing for some holiday photos this year (although the donkeys, I think, were secretly glad that I couldn't find their big Uncle Sam hats!).  

On the critter cam this week, a rare sight - two bucks together!  Haven't seen a buck in a long time so this was a great surprise.  Beautiful antlers (apparently they shed their antlers each Fall, but retain "horns" underneath).  I'm curious to see if we have more sightings of the pair in the days to come!

 Patriotic rabbit!

 Wasabi gets used to the arrival of the flag in her domain!

 Kind of bored with it all after a while...time for a nap!

Patriotic Toby.

Canine charm (treats later)!

We know how to celebrate!

The breeze was totally cooperating, too!

The weekly pose!  

Paco shows off his flag-holding talent!

Fireworks!!!  Photo taken by Snap in downtown Sebastopol!
And more fireworks!  Photo taken by Paul in NY!

Snuggle time.
Paco really enjoys participating, even if he doesn't really know what it is all about!

The donks decorated their barn.

And the final hurrah...

Identifying red-shouldered hawk feathers with the help of a cool feather site!
Luigi demonstrates how he gets the grape leaves.

Besides flattening the couch cushions, Bravo's other hobby is sitting on fresh laundry!

I love our flag holder.
 Still photos of two bucks caught on critter cam - unusual to see two males together, but apparently they sometimes form "bachelor groups".

OMG!!  Or, I should say:  OMEGA!  The new Omega juicer - the kind that does an awesome job juicing greens (and everything)!  Woo hoo! I have another juicer that I really like but it doesn't do kale and other greens.  This new one is super powerful and quiet - a nice combination!
I started juicing the day I bought it!
And learned a good lesson:  do not cut and do prep work while the juicer is going - too distracting!  Cut three fingers with a knife.  OUCH.
One of the great things about this juicer is that it is easy to clean!  Much easier than my other juicer.  I'm done in about two minutes!
Kale, celery, cucumber, green apple, fennel, spinach, lemon and ginger juice!  DELICIOUS.
In action!

It took me a while to first assemble it, but now I can put it together and take it apart very quickly.  I did a lot of research before getting this particular juicer, and after a week of using it and I very pleased with it!
The rest of the crew don't care that much about my new juicer.

The foreman relaxes while planning...he always is thinking of new ideas for the property!

The last of a dandelion green going down the bunny hatch.
Asparagus snack!

Precious old Toby.

Salad with garlic portobello mushrooms!
From the garden!

If you look closely, you can see me sitting by the barn in Paco's eye.

Silly donk!
OMG!  It is an OMG SALE!  Snap and I saw this hilarious sign on our walk downtown.

At Taylor Maid coffee in the Barlow!
Living it up!
How many people can say that their mother owns a saw?  Snap shows off her recent purchase!

Trying to look hip ...coming off more like "dweeb"!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - featuring two beautiful daytime bucks - a rare sighting of two males together!