Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Foreman's Cool New Musical Gadget, a Sick Canine, and Coming Soon to the Lazy Vegan: Shubunkin Fish!

Was so happy to see the fog roll in each evening this week - keeping the temperatures really pleasant during the day!  My kind of weather!  The donkeys like it, too - they always get frisky when it is cooler and run around more.  Poor Bravo got the canine version of the stomach flu or something this week (I believe it was something nasty he found to eat outside, but it lasted for a few days).   He was still eating, so I decided to wait it out before rushing to the vet.  It was so weird to see his obnoxious and hyper self become almost polite and subdued!! Quite worrisome!  So we were happy when he recovered and was back to growling, barking, and running wildly around! 

It is official:  thanks to a co-worker who generously gave us some beautiful water lilies from their awesome pond, our water feature is now on the way to becoming a pond, too - we are doing the research and will be buying more plants and then adding Shubunkin fish!  Very exciting!  This is a type of fish much like Koi but smaller.   It will be cool to provide some fish with a nice spot to hang out and fun to watch them, too!

And in other news, the foreman got a cool new musical gadget - so now he can play music from Pandora through his iPhone into a small stereo system that sounds amazing - and can take it anywhere! So there has been a lot of music at the Lazy Vegan this week.  The animals seem to enjoy it!

On the critter cam this week: three beautiful bucks at night!  I love how they are hanging out together.

 Happy 18th birthday today to my nephew Anthony!!


Scooping up one bunny...
...and taking her upstairs!
More relaxation time.
Bravo enjoys the view from the table top!
The foreman, lost in the tomatoes!

One big stretched-out rabbit.

Bravo once he was feeling better!

Silly Weegie!

OMG, I am obsessed with this live cam of a rescued orphaned rhino (his mom was poached for her horn - tragic and disgusting how poaching continues to go on!!) named "Little G".  Check out the website for yourself!    http://www.africam.com/wildlife/baby_rhino_live_channel
Fog rolling in!

Chomping on some chard!
Along with the fog have been some beautiful sunsets this week.
The vines are growing like crazy on the pergola!

Taken by the foreman - hanging out with Wasabi!

Not feeling good.  There's nothing like rushing a dog outside when he has to throw up...
Bravo wasn't even that interested in my drink!
Home for lunch one day - the magical new musical gadget is on the deck railing.

Pre-dinner hanging out.

I love Paco's body language.  This means:  "here I come, ready to play!"
Luigi jumps up for some oak leaves.

Beautiful Koi at our co-worker's house!  Our water feature isn't deep or large enough to keep fish this big.

Poor Toby - this is what happens when he doesn't wear traction socks!

Spotted on an early morning walk - the first blackberries!
I should have put a nickel down for scale - this is a tiny, tiny baby lizard!
The weekly pose(s)!

Two crows in a row.
Silly Luigi again.
I love beans and rice on a bed of greens!

Wasabi and Toby!
Uh, oh - full moon coming - means no sleep for the household!

More wonderful fog.
Red shouldered hawk making a ton of noise one morning!

I zoomed way in to get this squirrel eating a snack up high in a tree in the donkeys' corral.

On another day, two red shouldered hawks were sitting right next to one another while squawking away!

Water lilies!  A little bird approves.

The dreaded bath time!

For both dogs!  Afterwards, Toby was so excited to go outdoors with his wet fur that he yanked away from me and I dropped the leash.  He ran with the leash trailing him right into the donkey corral and proceeded to roll around in the dirt!  So he got a second bath!  Loads of fun.
Whoa!  Hummingbird in mid-flight.  This little guy was circling around the water feature.  I think we will have a lot more birds visit when plants and fish arrive (which is fine, along as it isn't a fish-eating heron!).
Time for a new belt for the foreman - from the Vegan Collection - stylish and cruelty free!

Only in Sebastopol - this fun lady was wandering in Copperfield's bookstore with a real cat in her basket!  Adorable!
At the Farmer's Market with Snap!  I got a super cool necklace!

At the Barlow, Snap refers to her "talking points" as we got caught up on the week's events!

Squash growing near the library in Sebastopol!
The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
Featuring a trio of bucks at night!