Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Ravens are in Town, a New Window, and the Campaign Against Whole Foods Heats Up at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy to report that many bunny lovers are already organizing an official "Day of Action Focused on Whole Foods" on August 17th to encourage the public to tell WF stores to stop selling rabbit meat!!!  I'll be there with a group in front of my local WF store and have already ordered photos of Wasabi and her canine brothers - and the departed feline brother, plus misc. photos depicting her life as a cherished house rabbit (and NOT a meal)!  Thank you to the House Rabbit Society (www.rabbit.org) and other groups (see links at right via photos) who are the leaders behind this campaign! The posters and info already being distributed are awesome!

We had some unusual sightings of a group of four ravens this week.  Check out some of the many videos of them at the end of this post!  So cool to see them on the critter cam, helping themselves to the donkeys' water to drink and bathe.  Luckily the donkeys have two other water sources since I've discovered that this particular one is frequented by all kinds of wildlife - even a fox who carefully balanced on it to get a drink in the dark! 

In other news, the custom window that the foreman ordered for the bedroom arrived!  And he already installed it - just some finishing paint work and it will be done!  I LOVE feeling the breeze at night and looking out to see the stars.  This morning I heard the sound of galloping in one of my dreams and woke to see the donkeys running around!  

Cute video below of Wasabi playing behind Bravo.  Why should one of them be a MEAL???

Old Toby getting extra attention.
Simple salad with tomatoes from the garden!

Luigi looking for some leaves to snack on!

Silly Bravo got up from his bed still wearing his little blanket.
Little bun wanting to help clean!

Keeping busy.

Toby has no idea that Wasabi is using him as a tunnel!  She loves to do this!

Checking out the bunny in the reflection.
Back to the kitchen!

Trumpet vine is blooming!
Turkey vulture makes the rounds.
Love the blue-bellied lizards on our property!

Acorn woodpecker pecking away.

Bravo (on leash) helps me put out a critter cam at dusk.
"Little G", the orphaned rhino, gets some company at night in his "bedroom".  Love following this live cam - check it out at:  www.africam.com

The new window being installed!!!

Snack time for the donkeys by the garden.

More window installation photos!

More snacking!

Dust bath time!

The weekly pose!

Looking at Bravo through the open window!
A tree trunk makes the perfect donkey butt scratcher!
Relaxation time!

Tomato time!

The evening routine.  The animals have been enjoying listening to classical music via the foreman's musical contraption!

Play time!

The ravens - they are very aware of me photographing them and usually fly away.

Still getting a lot of use out of the new Omega juicer!  Love the green juices and carrot, lemon & ginger juice above.
Toby gets some relief for his old bones from a heating pad at night.

All I have to do is peer out the new window in the bedroom to see the boys!  They're usually in this spot early in the morning.


Raven again.

Upstairs enjoying the balcony air!

The faithful blog reader knows I have a fascination with scat - so it was a bit funny to come out one morning and find a neat pile of fox scat (almost perfectly placed within the circle mark left by a plate) on TOP of the table!

Proof that the ravens were here!
It takes a while to set up Wasabi's various areas each day but she's totally worth the effort!  I mix up the layout of boxes and toys and it is so much fun to watch her hop around and "chin" things to leave her mark on them!

 Toby poses by the new reeds in the water feature.  We are slowly getting it ready to add the fish!
 Toby keeps an eye out while napping.
 Wasabi keeps the dogs in check.

 Here's how I have one of the critter cams set up to perfectly capture the wildlife drinking from the donkeys' water!  And since it runs automatically, our water bill is going to go up during this drought!
 The foreman doing weight training with a zuke from the garden.
 Since I refuse to shop at Whole Foods until they remove rabbit meat, I had to look for another coffee source (I had been buying their 365 brand of instant coffee).  Got a Keurig.  I don't like using the individual containers since it seems wasteful, but have to admit that the coffee is delicious and it only takes seconds to make a cup!
 The foreman downs some carrot juice.
The final view of the new window!  Paint coming next!  

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!  
Featuring the Ravens at the Donkeys' Water!