Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fun Labor Day Weekend Visit, Hot End to August and Poor Toby in his Traction Socks at the Lazy Vegan!

                                    GOOD-BYE, WHOLE FOODS!! 
Various video clips of all different people telling Whole Foods Market store good-bye! Looking forward to the next step in the campaign to get Whole Foods to stop selling rabbit meat!

After weeks of perfectly mild weather, it turned HOT for the last days of August here at the Lazy Vegan! Am hoping it will cool back down soon.  Wasabi doesn't like the heat and neither do I!

We had a great start to the holiday weekend with a visit from Jackie, Sam, the Tomashefsky clan and Snap!  Lots of photos towards the end of this post!  It was fun to see everyone and hang out even if it got a tad too warm!

Poor Toby had a rough week with his mobility - he kept falling down.  I've been trying to keep his traction socks on but often I'll come home to find they've fallen off.  He might need a smaller size.  They definitely help him regain some control so he can get back upright on his own (plus, they look adorable!). 

After the earth-shaking event a week ago (earthquake!), I spent time this week getting emergency provisions ready and bought and returned two different sizes of crates (for Wasabi) - then decided to keep her current crate and put one of the x-pens alongside the emergency supplies should we need to keep her contained.  Bravo keeps waking up right around the time the earthquake hit, which is getting pretty old - hopefully tonight that trend will stop!
Getting emergency supplies organized!
A Paco kiss! And, the weekly pose!
Butt scratch for Weegie!

Wasabi saying hi to Toby.

The trio!
Balcony bunny!

Super hero stretch!

Super relaxed bunny.

Luigi takes a leaf.
The fish continue to be happy as clams!  I mean, as fish!

Napping time.

You can't go wrong with beans and rice and greens.

More lounging time.

We love just hanging out to watch the fish!

Waiting to see what the evening brings.

Toby came up to get into my lap while I was petting Wasabi!

What happens when Toby doesn't wear his traction socks!
Healthy bunny eating her salad!
The table grapes are ripe and soooo good!

Little old man.

We call this the "marshmallow" look.

Still loving my juicer, especially to make carrot, ginger, apple & lemon juice.

Feeding the fish.
Loss of mobility again!
Simple dinner.
The nightly routine.

Morning lounging.  A LOT of lounging goes on around here!

The fish do not seem at all bothered by the heat.  The water is remaining nice and cool.

A morning "hello".

Explorer bun!

The following are photos from Saturday's visit & lunch!

Stole some of your photos, Jackie!!

From Jackie!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week! Hopefully this will be the week I get all of the cameras working again...