Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bravo's 12th Birthday, Wasabi's Trip to the Vet, a Visit from the Farrier and Two Big Boulders the Lazy Vegan!

Busy week for the animals and the humans at the Lazy Vegan!  Our cutie-pie Bravo turned 12 this week and we celebrated with not one but two special frosted dog cookies (they were both so hard that I could barely break them apart!)!  For a senior canine he's doing great - running around with all the energy of a puppy still (and really, still as obnoxious as he was on day one!).  Poor Miz Wasabi had to endure a long drive to the rabbit specialist vet for her annual exam and to get her little bunny behind cleaned and even shaved a bit - she's been going through a molt and despite brushing her and "plucking" her fur, she ended up with a big matted area on her butt that only a vet could deal with!  For those who don't know, bunnies HATE being messed with - and are especially protective of their hindquarters!  Despite the fact we had to sit in the waiting room with three dogs and a howling cat, she remained pretty darn calm.

It was also time for a farrier visit and we didn't quite have the donkeys ready when the farrier showed up twenty minutes early - so I made him wait by his truck (if the donkeys saw him there would be NO chance of haltering them up!) while we got them all set.  
     The campaign against Whole Foods Market stores for selling rabbit meat is still very much going strong with strategic activism that can't be discussed here as well as a calling campaign - I am working my way through calling every single store in Northern California to talk to the manager to let him/her know exactly how I feel - and that is going very well.  Feel free to make a call to headquarters (number below) or your local store to tell them that bunnies are PETS, not Food!

And, finally - two boulders have arrived at the Lazy Vegan.  Big, big boulders - so heavy that they had to be delivered by a semi-truck this morning!  It was a design idea that the foreman had been thinking about and we hand selected our own rocks...very fun, and a nice (permanent) addition to the property!

Whole Foods has their work cut out for them because "bunny people" and others who CARE are not going to go away until rabbit meat is no longer for sale in any of their stores.

Grooming by the napping pups.
OMG, am loving our fish!  So beautiful to watch!  Their colors are amazing and they really do have different little fishy personalities!

The tan and black one is the "shark" - we call him (her?) "Sharkie"!  Will apparently grow to be two feet long!
Every day we hear the squirrels munching away at this tree.  They've done quite the extensive pruning job so far.  When confronted, they will dash madly down the tree and across the donkeys' corral to the safety of another tree - very comical to watch!

WHOA!  Who is this canine movie star?  None other than Sparky!  And rumor has it she is coming to the Lazy Vegan next weekend!

Morning lounging time.

This qualifies as the weekly pose!  During all the protest excitement last week I forgot to take a "weekly pose" photo!
It is hard to describe how awesome it is to rest with the donkeys.  One funny thing, though...they tend to fart!  And they make quite a production out of it!

 Taking Bravo on early evening walks to get us both some extra exercise.

None other than Queen Bun, settling in for the night.  Every time I go to place a call to a Whole Foods Market store to talk to a manager, I tell her I am doing it for her and "her kind" - because the bunnies cannot make those calls themselves!!!

Grooming buddy!  Plus, a grooming-Buddy video below (Jackie, are you reading this?  You requested this centuries ago...)


If Wasabi COULD talk, she would have a thing or two to tell corporate Whole Foods!!!

Late night hanging out.

Not a care in the world.

Wasabi likes to play "the box game" with the foreman - she will shove the little cardboard box his way and then he will bat it back and she will grab it with her mouth and toss it!  SOOOOOOOO  cute.  I took a video but it came out too dark to keep.

Dust bath time at dusk!

Feeding time - look at the little open mouth!

The birthday canine!

A party!

Hoof trimmings in my hand!
The boys were really well behaved this time.  It is impossible to predict how they will act with the farrier!
Poor bun - stuck in a crate all the way to Petaluma and back.  She was not happy.
At the vet, getting a "mobility test" - the vet watched her hop around.  At one point she stopped and started to groom herself, which he thought was pretty amusing.

Went with the foreman to various landscape places - here we are getting bark loaded.  The foreman kept saying "welcome to my world".

Picking out two big boulders - we were very picky to get the perfect ones!

More bark.
The arrival of the boulders!
And the placement of the boulders!

Viola!  Our entrance is now done.

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week (down to one working camera - need to fix the others!!)