Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy 65th Birthday to the Foreman!!! And Bravo's Big Dental Ordeal, The Whole Foods Boycott/Bunny Campaign Continues and More at the Lazy Vegan!

The foreman, age 10 ...in Elko, Nevada...the foreman tells me that the above is called a "scatter rake" and the purpose is to pick up any loose hay left by the rest of the hay crew.  The foreman remembers getting paid $45.00 by his Uncle Roy after working for two weeks...and he was so excited - he couldn't believe it! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FOREMAN TODAY!!  The BIGGIE 65!  I call him the "ageless cowboy".  He spent the day working - both doing some real estate and yard work.  But tomorrow we'll have a further celebration with a combo birthday dinner for Nick (turning 29 in a few days) and the foreman!

In other news, poor Bravo's trip to the vet for a routine dental cleaning turned out to be an ordeal with six extractions!  Poor old pup!  He was pretty out of it the first day or two but now is back to normal.  How do I know this?  Because he is back to eating everything and anything - including finding a dead & dehydrated lizard that I had to pry out of his freshly cleaned mouth!

CONGRATULATIONS to my sister and nephew for climbing Mt. Whitney in record time!  Photos towards the end of this post!

SO grateful to learn that there is a huge crowd of animal welfare people out there on Facebook (now that I am finally ON Facebook!).  The Day of Action/Boycotting Whole Foods is progressing along and I'm looking forward to meeting some other passionate rabbit people at my house in another week - we'll be making signs and discussing strategy for the big day!  New updates on link below (copy & paste):

Summer of '69 - the foreman working in Elko, Nevada!
The foreman in Rio de Janeiro (with his mom)!
The foreman hard at work at one of the many construction projects over the years!
The foreman - animal lover!

And today, with his birthday t-shirt:  LEAVE ME ALONE!

More celebrating coming tomorrow!

True to foreman's style - he spent the day working away!

Lounging time before dinner.

Still no fish - but we are loving the lily pads!
Happy birthday boy waves.

I've turned my desk room (fireplace room, whatever...) into "Bunny Campaign Headquarters" so I can spread out all the materials.

The foreman earlier in the week, making zuke patties.
Dusk at the Lazy Vegan.
Old canine during the last walk of the evening.
Toby likes to go behind Wasabi's little houses but then gets stuck!

Here come the grapes!

Wasabi approves of ALL the boycott-Whole-Foods posters!

Deck time!

Poor Bravo - at the vet the day before the big dental ordeal!
Then back at home, all drugged up!

Aerial view.
Poster selection is growing, thanks to all the wonderful rabbit advocates of House Rabbit Society, SaveABunny and others!
Plus personal posters.

From Wikipedia:

Criticism and controversy[edit]

In May 2014 Whole Foods launched a pilot program to sell rabbit meat [93] in 5 of its 12 market regions. Because domestic rabbits are the third most common United States companion mammal, owned as pets by millions of Americans [94] as well as an animal rescued and sheltered alongside cats and dogs, this decision triggered a nationwide boycott of Whole Foods by the House Rabbit Society and their supporters. [95] In June of 2014 Whole Foods awarded a financial grant to Oz Family Farms, [96] a family owned rabbit meat business. This caused opponents of rabbit meat sales to suggest that Whole Foods is artificially creating the market for rabbit meat. [97] A letter of protest was written and presented to Whole Foods Market by SaveABunny representing over 70 animal rescue organizations and businesses. [98] A petition against the sale of rabbit meat was started [99]and national protests at Whole Foods locations across the United States began in July 2014. [100]

Recuperating after the dental ordeal!

They know me by name now at my local copy and printing center!
Campaign workers head to investigate the freshly printed materials.

Hop, hop, hop...

Silly boys at dusk.

Fox scat - again, placed carefully on a round object!  I find this FASCINATING.

The weekly pose - with only half of me!
Weegie loves to scratch his butt on this tree!
Orange clouds!

Play time!

Hanging out one hot evening.

Love the deer.
The foreman sure loves his Kindle!
Wasabi and Toby like my new blue vegan shoes.
Those "hands"!
Flopped out bun.
OMG, little Sparky finally got spayed!  Wishing her a speedy recovery with the dreaded cone!
These got a bit out of order but are all amazing - photos of Patty & Anth's big climb on Mt. Whitney!  We are all so impressed!  They left before midnight with headlights on (I confess I had a sleepless night when they left - kept waking up to imagine them trudging in the dark!) and finished 13 hours later! Which I think is really fast to go to the top and down.  CONGRATULATIONS!

At the top!
Which was freezing (and it looks it)!

 While my sister and nephew were climbing Mt. Whitney, I indulged in some vegan pancakes for lunch out at our favorite restaurant!
The foreman had a more reasonable lunch - and then finished off my platter of pancakes!

Paul is doing awesome work with his new biz - just amazing!  Here he is above - and check out his new website!  http://www.everylettercreative.com/

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!