Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Day of Action for the Bunnies, the Arrival of More Fish and Other News at the Lazy Vegan!

Remembering Julie on the one year-anniversary of her death - Randy took a photo of this beautiful butterfly that hung around to visit.  I think of Julie whenever our sunsets are "pink-orange" - she loved to watch them from her perch in the bedroom and comment on the beautiful colors.  She taught me to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings more than I already had!

     What a week (make that weeks!) it has been at the Lazy Vegan!  I have new appreciation for the activists of the world - it takes a ton of organization and logistics just to put on one "little" event! Our "Day of Action" in Sebastopol was great - we got 220 signatures on the petition to have Whole Foods stop selling rabbit meat plus over sixty signed customer feed back slips.  And the foreman and my mom were awesome!  This is the first protest the foreman has been involved with since the Vietnam War (so...he was due) and he was a natural - he did it for his bunny!  And Grandma Snap, who is also Wasabi's grandma, was out there holding a sign and even stepping into traffic to give out more info (along with her friend, Fran) - plus we had a fantastic crew of over ten people - both newbies and seasoned activists.  Check out the photos and news coverage from the national day of action on www.rabbit.org!!  

To all my friends who will be standing outside WholeFoods stores throughout the country tomorrow, giving voice to our rabbits, remember the words of Margaret Mead:
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
We are those citizens. We can change the world...for the rabbits. They are our inspiration. We are their voice.

 A quick group shot before we broke apart and hit the streets!

 Quick sign making before the event!
 Love this spunky lady who we just met a week ago - she has eight rabbits!
 Way to go, Fran!

Sign-waving Snap!!
 Another group shot - these all got out of order.  A huge thank you to Snap for taking almost twenty photos!!!

 Amazing woman named Marie wore this hot costume for 3+ hours - she did it in honor of her bunny who recently passed, and on behalf of all bunnies!

 That's my mama!!!

 Chris from the Bunny Playground and his friend Jeff!

 The foreman rocked!

 I only snapped three quick photos - this is one of Fran and Snap across the street.

 All of these were in use!

 Poor Toby has good days and bad ones.

 Time for a good chew.
 Look at them...how could you eat one and not the other?  Ridiculous.
 My poster making helper rests underneath the table.

 You tell 'em, Wasabi!  Word is getting out.  Already some Whole Foods markets have pulled rabbit meat from their stores.

 Despite the busy week, we did manage to celebrate two closed escrows by going to the pond place in lieu of our usual going out to lunch...hence the arrival of "Sharkie"!  A Chinese hi-fin "shark"!
 Faithful blog readers may recall that last week's post included the sad news that Friendly the fish was...gone.  But, OMG!  A real-life fish story:  he reappeared four days later!  Alive and well!!

 But, alas, two other fish didn't make it.  We now have a sturdy-healthy appearing school of ten fish and one "Sharkie".
 This is called "counting the fish"!

 Bravo is pretty interested in the fish food.

 The donkeys have been loving the mild weather lately.

 More poster making.

 Super relaxed bunny - she knows that her "parents" will protect her!

 Nose-to-nose with "Buddy".

 Super cute Weegie!

 Our display board!

 The foreman got these beautiful planters and put cool plants in them - he's so good at stuff like that.

 Weegie has been very outgoing this week.  Paco is kind of being snarky.  He knows my attention has been diverted by the bunny campaign...so this week he gets extra attention!

 A family affair.

 Batty old dog with funny little rabbit.

 Staying well-hydrated!

Stay tuned for the next "action event" on behalf of the bunnies!

Bravo at the vet getting a "recheck" - mouth looks great!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week - down to only one functioning camera and haven't had time to troubleshoot the others!
 Don't miss the "talking fox"!!!