Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy International Rabbit Day, the First Day of Fall, a Brand New Camera and a Rip Roaring Thundering Storm at the Lazy Vegan!

Happy International Rabbit Day - today!!   Wasabi spent the day lounging in honor of her kind.  This weekend is also the House Rabbit Society's national conference - good timing! 

It was an exciting week here at the Lazy Vegan with an unexpected true thunderstorm!  And lightning!  And rainbows! I've never heard thunder so loud here before - I was home alone with the zoo crew and it was pretty chaotic; the rabbit started thumping, Bravo ran to the top of the stairs and sat there shaking (Toby, since he is deaf, was pretty much oblivious), and the donkeys - for some unknown reason - refused to seek shelter in their barn!  Even though I had coaxed the donkeys out of the pasture with carrots as soon as I heard thunder, they huddled under a big oak tree once the rain started.  It was GREAT to see raindrops again! Hoping that now it is Fall we will see lots more!

AND, more excitement:  after years of futzing with my old zoom lens camera (so old they don't make that size memory card for it any longer), the foreman encouraged me to get a new one and helped me research brands - I ended up getting a super zoom Panasonic Lumix and so far I love it!  Just started using it today and I have a lot to learn but am very happy with the zoom function, which was the main reason I bought it.  Looking forward to figuring out all the functions soon!

Happy 16th Birthday this past week to my nephew, Drew!!!

(Drew in younger days!)
 The bunny bed continues to be a huge hit with the dogs!
 Just in time for International Rabbit Day, a t-shirt I ordered to benefit SaveABunny arrived!

 Relaxing - in honor of her holiday.

 I couldn't find Toby anywhere in the house and then found him in the kitchen, sound asleep in the bunny bed!
 I took this photo from far away - testing the zoom on my new camera!

 More "zoom testing"!

 The foreman continues with his various landscaping projects - here he added nice hanging planters on the front terrace.

 zooming from very far away on this unsuspecting woodpecker!

I have started to organize some of Julie's files and ran across Randy's reading primer - from Rio de Janeiro!

Also found this - Julie's mom (Randy's grandma, of course) was a young teacher!

Randy's grandma, third one in.
Here comes RAIN!

Wet donkeys!

The new super zoom camera!

More photos from the unusual storm - faint rainbow.
Donks refused to move from the oak tree.

Once the thunder stopped I was able to get them to their dining shelter for dinner!

Post storm orange clouds!
Old house across from us - now I can "spy" with my super zoom lens!

All of these are test photos...

Soaking up sunshine after the storm.

With the new camera (you can see me in Paco's eye!).

Napping Luigi.

Pair of red-shouldered hawks.

Taken from yards and yards away!
Silly weekly pose!

Spending quality time with the donks early one evening.

Yummy roasted squash and brussel sprouts.

Silly boys playing.

Celebrating the first day of Fall!

The usual routine.

Toby REALLY loves the bunny bed!

Nothing like a new box to play with!
Wasabi tucks Toby in!

Still photo from critter cam of a pair of raccoons!

Made a chicken-free (beyond meat brand -very good) salad with roasted beets - YUM!

Toby had a bit of a tough week - was up a lot with him in the wee hours.

Nice lighting the morning after the storm.

More resting.
We call Wasabi the "vegan marshmallow" because she looks like one - slightly melted!

FLYING into the kitchen!

The fish didn't seem to mind all the rain.

Racing around time.

Turkey vultures drying off on the donkey fence!

MORE lounging.  You can never do enough!

Suddenly Toby appeared - so it was a perfectly posed photo of the trio!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
(Including one of Bravo in the bunny bed!)