Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bravo Recuperates, Toby's Falling Down Issues, Sleepless Moonlit Nights and More Exciting News at the Lazy Vegan!

So happy to report that Bravo is well on his way to being 100% back to his usual self - he's still on antibiotics, so I can't say he's completely recovered until I see how he acts once he's off the meds.  But, all his usual obnoxious terrier habits have returned - jumping up on the couches, the desks (he likes to check out our computers for crumbs!) and racing madly around to steal the rabbit's toys and sneak a bunny poop or two from the litter box (that was  SURE sign that he was feeling better once he started to do that again!).   It is a great relief, although concerning that we never did find out what was wrong!  While Bravo is feeling dandy, Toby had a rough week of falling down every time I turned around.  Even with traction socks - and they usually help a lot.  This morning when I returned from a fun outing with Snap, the foreman let both dogs out leash-free and Toby somehow managed to tumble down the steep hill neighboring our property - he fell and then rolled and rolled almost all the way to the bottom!  I had put down my bag of groceries to chase after him, so Bravo helped himself to the loaf of bread (another sign that all is well!)!  And, lastly, not much sleep went on this week due to the full moon and the zoo crew.  One night in particular was outrageous - Bravo got up every two hours.  When I finally was able to get back to sleep, Wasabi started to thump at some unseen danger and then Luigi and Paco rattled the fence and hee-hawed (one disadvantage of my new bedroom window is that they are now VERY aware of it and will park themselves as close to it as they can get and make a ton of noise shaking the fence - and if I peer out at them, they'll become VOCAL!).  

Leaves on the ground and cool clouds - signs of Fall!

Still absolutely loving the fish!

The donkeys had a nice long walk and they loved checking everything out.  They pretty much walk you instead of the other way around.  The foreman took both of them while I documented the event, and then I helped out at the end.

Ready to rumble!

Paco makes sure the firewood is seasoning nicely.

They love going up the big hill - but then they charge down it!

It is kind of like walking a stubborn 400 pound dog.  Times two.

Curious about the fish!

Getting dark earlier these days!
Wasabi and Toby.

Here Bravo was still a bit weary.

Big surprise early birthday gift coming for the rabbit soon - stay tuned!  No, it is not another rabbit.

DASHING back to the kitchen!
It is amazing how relaxing it is to watch the fish.

Feeling perky again and ready to hang with Wasabi!

He also is still taking eye drops for the weird eye problem he had while he was sick - he could barely open them!

Interested in the view again.

Online dating - for bunnies!  Wasabi checks out a bunny available for adoption at SaveABunny.  But she's happy being single for now!  Maybe some day...

A healing nap out on the deck.
And on the couch!

Unusual sighting on our property of  red tailed hawk - we are used to see a lot of red shouldered hawks, but not the red tailed...
Wasabi was concerned about her canine friend!

Milling about.

Dinner time!
Poor Toby!  Usually the deck has plenty of traction (it isn't slick like the indoor floor) - but he's now having trouble with it while he eats dinner.

Bun on the run!

Bravo helps guard the salad.
Oh, yes...back where he belongs, squishing the furniture!
I'll put the dogs in the hallway sometimes when I take a bath so I know that Wasabi is safe...and Toby will always remain there until I wake him!

The amazing trio.


"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Bravo really has perfected this look!

First outing where Bravo felt good enough to walk for a bit.
And Toby was stylin'!

Sunshine soakers.

Paco watches Luigi kick up his heels!

The weekly pose!

Helping me restock the cabinets in the barn.

Weegie staying well hydrated!
Simple meals are sometimes the best.
Chillin' on a warm evening.

Ready for bed!

Playing at dusk.

Luckily, the fish don't seem to mind being photographed!

Everyone lines up for a pet from the foreman.

Still having fun with the Fitbit and learning that I have to charge the batteries sooner so it doesn't die on me!

Fun with Snap walking downtown this morning to the Barlow, where they have a cool community street painting project going on!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week!
Hardly any videos worth saving this week - the only working camera was accidentally turned off by me (I think the lack of sleep was catching up!)...but we all know the critters are still out there!