Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Poor Canine Patient, Possible Pregnant Fish, the Exciting Fitbit Gadget and More in the First Week of September at the Lazy Vegan!

Hope you can do something FUN for YOU, Deb!!

It was a bit of a dramatic week at the Lazy Vegan and the drama isn't over...poor Bravo suddenly turned very ill, and after two vet visits and tests we still don't know what is wrong with him!  Ruled out back damage with extensive x-rays today and took more blood to test for tick borne diseases - should have those results on Monday.  In the meantime, he is one listless little Jack Russell terrier - operating at maybe 1/8th of his usual energy.  He can barely keep his eyes open (they started running last night) and has some breathing issues.  We are WORRIED but I am glad he's getting good medical attention.  Today instead of dropping him off at the vet for the various tests (which took hours) I said I wanted to stay with him - so they let me hold him for some of the routine procedures and took him away for others - but I think he knew I was there the whole time and the staff was great at bringing him back to me for "breaks".  Now he's on antibiotics to help with any infection and some eye medicine - so we're keeping our fingers crossed that by tomorrow he will be a bit more perky!

In other news, two of the fish may be pregnant - because suddenly they LOOK it.  Either that or they are fat!  I need to do some online fish research so I can know what I am typing about!

AND, a big thank you to my stepsister Jackie - she inspired me to go buy my own Fitbit Flex and after a day and a half of owning it, I am loving it!  She also wrote up some great and useful tips for me! So much fun to track my steps and I really needed something to get me out of my exercise slump.  And I'm discovering that I do a lot of steps just doing the animal chores!  Check out Jackie's blog, Along the Way, on the link to the right (above Sparky's blog)!

The foreman stopped by the vet office to check on us and take some photos!
Bravo getting his blood pressure taken.

One sick pup.

Yep, the bill.  And that's just from today's visit!  He's worth every cent.
The donkeys are happy and healthy!  Just got a reminder in the mail that they're due for their booster shots - so that will be another vet visit!

Silly, silly.

Dinner time!

The foreman's latest project - shade covers on the pergola!  I love it!

Happy fish!

The foreman hard at work.

Before Bravo was sick...but now looking at these photos I can see something wasn't quite right with him.


Enjoying a cookie from Sparky!
the Fitbit!!  Setting it up.
Heading home from morning walk.

Tracked morning walk!

 Tracking steps on my way to retrieve a critter cam!
 And to feed the donkeys!
 And empty the wheelbarrow at the manure pile!
 And walking the dogs (although the canine patient isn't walking much right now).

 And emptying the rabbit litter box!
 And putting a critter cam back up the hill!

Love being called a "champ"!

It is hard to tell from the photo, but two fishes are fatter than the others...

Admiring the improved pergola!
Just hanging out.

Wasabi's "baby" gets a bath!!

The donkeys are loving the nice days of September so far!

The fish remind me of a painting!

The evening routine.

Flattening out the furniture before he got sick.
Super hero pose!
While old "baby" was drying, Wasabi spent time with new "baby" (the back-up stuffed animal in the closet!).
I decided to give her new baby because the old one has holes - and you can't really patch them with a bunny (loose threads could be deadly to the sensitive digestive system!).

I'll still keep old baby for emergencies.
Pond maintenance time!

The night before Bravo got sick...it really came on all of a sudden.

You have to be a "bunny person" to really appreciate how bunnies flop out!

Sick dog.

First vet visit.

The vet (not our usual one - but I liked her just as much) wrote "super cute"!

It was weird to see Toby so energetic while Bravo was not.

Never get tired of these fishies!

Poor Toby also had a rough week - falling all the time.
A pile of warm laundry helps when you're not feeling well!
It finally happened - someone invented a litter box just for rabbits!  Instead of the usual cat litter box, this one has a plastic grated divider - so the special rabbit litter (made of recycled paper) goes in the bottom and then the urine goes down there, too - hence little bunny butts don't get stained with pee.  I could explain this in more detail, but you get the general idea!
Since Bravo was ill, I had to enlist the help of the foreman to do animal chores - here he walks Bravo while I feed the donkeys.

Still really worried about him and I won't rest easy till he shows marked signs of improvement.

Heading in for the night!

The weekly pose!
I put Bravo on the chair where I sit so I could keep a close eye on him.
This is called "chinning" - Wasabi is actually leaving her scent on the basket to mark her spot!

Beautiful raven.
Fun way to spend Labor Day - with dog bath time!

Wasabi relaxing.
I see this pair of fawns often - but never a mom around.

Quality time with the donks!
Bravo off leash (rare) before he got sick...but I'm not going to do that any more - you just can't see what he may be getting into.

Looking forward to getting my healthy Bravo back!

Check out Toby's crossed legs!

The Lazy Vegan Critter Cam Videos of the Week...Featuring Coyotes!